Mergers and Acquisitions: Strategic Talent Acquisition at NBC Universal



After being acquired, NBCUniversal turned to digital interviewing

to help adapt to cultural change.

Client Overview

Mergers and acquisitions can lead to strategic transformations, but resulting cultural shifts can often create major obstacles for recruiters when attracting and retaining talent.


After being acquired by Comcast, NBCUniversal found itself in the middle of a cultural change. Leadership needed to redefine the company’s values, and develop a strategy to communicate these values externally.


NBCUniversal began its transformation by revisiting what the brand had represented historically, and crafted a talent acquisition strategy rooted in innovation as they began to look to the future of their evolving media brand.

Overcoming Challenges


NBCUniversal faced several hurdles when redefining their talent acquisition strategy:


Identifying Competition

First, NBCUniversal defined which companies they were competing with for top talent. The obvious competition was other media companies, but after analysis, it became clear that the organization was also competing directly with other growing technology companies outside the media sector. This shift in perspective for talent attraction helped pave the way for an innovative and fresh approach to their process.


Messaging and Outreach

Instead of a site devoted just to job search, NBCUniversal redesigned their entire website to attract talent with rich and interactive content. Since it launched, the website has improved traffic by ~33% and has improved the candidate experience by educating applicants on the NBCU culture and cultivating a robust talent community.


NBCUniversal’s talent acquisition leadership also began leveraging social media to converse directly with potential applicants before and after they’ve applied for opportunities. The recruiting team began inviting interested job seekers to ask questions online, and held regular “chats” providing career tips and a glimpse into company life at NBCU. These conversations have proven vital for the organization while they build their talent pipeline.



Michelle Amici, Head of Talent Acquisition for Technology and Engineering at NBCUniversal

The quicker and more effectively we can identify cultural fit, assess communication skills and evaluate the candidates, the better hiring decisions we can make. Digital interviewing has helped us accomplish this goal.”


For many job openings at NBCUniversal, the first step in the screening process is now a pre-recorded interview using ConveyIQ for Interviewing. Instead of scheduling and conducting phone interviews with each qualified candidate, recruiters begin the process by inviting candidates to answer interview questions online and on their own time. The responses are recorded and sent back to the assigned recruiter, who assesses which candidates to move to the next step.

With a live video screen, recruiters are put directly in front of the candidate, regardless of where they are. When a candidate engages with an NBCUniversal recruiter, it is through a secure, high-definition and branded video chat. These interviews can be recorded, annotated, tagged and shared with their hiring managers for feedback, which improves collaboration among decision-makers and reduces the time it takes to obtain feedback, ultimately improving time-to-hire-rates.


Since utilizing digital interviewing as part of their hiring process, NBCU’s recruiting team has been able to engage with a larger pool of candidates while maintaining an efficient process and reducing time-to-fill.

These efficiencies have allowed the team to spend more time focused on sourcing great talent and selling the most qualified candidates on why they should work at NBCUniversal. As Amici puts it, “this has been a game changer for our talent acquisition process.”