Case Study: R/GA

Case Study: R/GA

With Convey for Interviewing, R/GA is now able to save time and get better candidates through the door.

Client Overview

R/GA’s journey all started with the idea of creating a company that valued design, while focusing on developing cutting-edge motion graphics, live-action film and video production.

Four hundred feature films and 4,000 commercials later, R/GA has transformed again into a leading interactive agency. To accommodate their growth and strategic direction, R/GA had to make its recruiting process a major priority. 


As the competition for great talent intensified, so did R/GA’s need for an iterative hiring process.

In its New York office alone, R/GA has 35 internship roles. For each of these roles, the recruiting team receives anywhere from 400-500 applications.

R/GA needed a way to scale its recruiting process to accommodate this high volume of junior talent. Leadership quickly understood that this growth had to be done through a process that could be scaled and optimized while also being consistent with R/GA’s innovative digital brand.

A major concern was this: How could their hiring process ensure that every “purple squirrel” candidate was captured and not lost?


The hiring team implemented Convey for Interviewing’s On-Demand screening process.

This allowed top candidates to complete a video questionnaire on their own time via their mobile advice or desktop.

Because of this scheduling flexibility and a quicker feedback loop from the hiring team, less candidates were getting lost to R/GA’s competitors in the early stages of the hiring process.

This also enabled R/GA to standardize the type of behavioral questions and assessment criteria for candidates that hiring managers agreed would lead to the highest quality hires. Maintaining open communication with hiring managers throughout the process and getting their buy-in on candidates earlier became easier to accomplish.



Lauren Schlanger
Associate Recruiter

“All hiring managers loved using Convey for Interviewing. It’s great to see beyond the resume.”


Integrating digital interviewing into R/GA’s hiring process helped them ensure the bar for new hires remained high while also helping the team make consistent, data-driven decisions.

R/GA is now able to scale its recruiting process, save recruiters’ time and get better candidates through the door. ConveyIQ is consistent with R/GA’s innovation, and ConveyIQ is aligned with R/GA’s forward-thinking brand.

One unexpected success with on-demand digital interviewing is that great talent among entry-level hires can interview for a role and seamlessly be repurposed for another.

For example, someone who was evaluated for Production can also be shared with the Client Services team and hired accordingly. This keeps top candidates engaged in R/GA’s talent pool and ultimately provides an exceptional candidate experience – a “win-win” for everyone involved.