Case Study: Proscribe



ProScribe was founded in 2010 with the mission to simplify electronic health records for medical professionals to focus more on their patients. ProScribe handles all the recruiting, training, implementation, and management of in-person or virtual “Scribes” for countless medical offices across the country.

The Challenge

Tays, the VP of Talent Acquisition for ProScribe, needed to engage over 2,500 applicants per month while integrating smoothly with iCIMS (a popular ATS). They were experiencing low engagement from applicants and had no visibility as to what was causing the problem. Keeping candidates engaged and identifying areas for improvement were two key areas that Tays knew they needed to improve. It was evident that with their existing technology, they were lacking the tools to accomplish this. Tays, needed to move quick and couldn’t afford losing several months due to a lengthy and complicated integration process common with most HR technology.

The Numbers

ProScribe upgraded their recruiting efforts with ConveyIQ and achieved the following over 6 months:


Launched first campaign in less than 2.5 weeks
24,000 applicants received 105,000+ custom messages
Email open rates is ~80% and 99% SMS open rates
64% of survey respondents are leaving 5 star reviews
Tays Heyer

Tays Heyer, SHRM-SCP Vice President of Talent Acquisition, ProScribe, LLC

In 6 months my team has processed 24,000 applicants, sent 105,000+ personalized emails & text messages with >80% open rates. The majority of respondents give us 5-star ratings because we have learned what we need to do to improve our recruiting process, and it is all thanks to ConveyIQ.”

The Impact of ConveyIQ

ProScribe discovered that the emails sent from their ATS were ending up in the spam folder of their applicants’ inboxes. This caused significant stress on the team as they were unable to resolve the problem. They needed an immediate solution and turned to ConveyIQ. Tays was extremely pleased to see that the integration only took 2.5 weeks.


ProScribe chose ConveyIQ as their preferred candidate engagement solution to integrate with iCIMS and upgrade their recruiting efforts. Tay’s team of 7 people can now communicate to 2,500+ applicants a month while significantly improving their candidates’ experiences throughout the hiring journey. No longer were emails ending up in spam, leaving candidates left in the dark and feeling under appreciated. Text messages have had a meaningful impact. The average candidate now receives 4-5 personalized points of communication over text or email that helps educate them along the way and keep them engaged.


Tay has reported that close to 70% of all respondents leave 5 star reviews. Before ConveyIQ, he had no idea what worked and didn’t work in the recruiting process. ProScribe has been able to automate the feedback loop to be able to identify key areas of improvement in the recruiting process. His team is now focused on these new metrics to deliver decrease time-to-hire and cost-to-hire new scribes.