OUSD Cuts Time-to-Hire Rates 62% with ConveyIQ



OUSD cut time-to-hire rates by 62% and improved candidate experience through digital interviewing.

Client Overview

The Oakland Unified School District manages 85 different schools in the Oakland, California area. During the height of their principal and teacher hiring season (January-May), more than 500 candidates enter the pipeline annually.


Education is a highly competitive industry, with schools in neighboring districts fighting for top teacher talent.

“When I was going through the interview process with the district a while back, it was a big deal, as in this is my one shot,” former teacher-turned-OUSD Talent Recruiter Steven Moreno said. “It was too serious. If they didn’t offer me the job, then no one else in the district was able to have access to me.”


For OUSD, sluggish hiring processes (like too many phone interviews) and expensive travel costs were a concern when attempting to acquire high-volume candidates in a shorter amount of time.





With ConveyIQ for Interviewing, candidate video interviews are available to all the school sites. So, you’re essentially interviewing with all of them. It takes away some of the anxiety.”


Exhausted by their old-school hiring approach, OUSD implemented Digital Interviewing as a replacement for their phone interview screens at the beginning of 2017.

A recorded, one-way On-Demand digital interview happens with top teachers post-apply, where candidates record a demo lesson.


“The clock during an On-Demand interview is encouragement for candidates to continue saying more,” Moreno said. “It provides a platform for them to share more of their skills and expertise. It could be seen as higher pressure, but you have four minutes to tell us about yourself. It puts people at ease when they know what the process will be like,” Moreno said.

Convey for Interviewing’s Live interviews, a two-way video interview, then allows recruiters to “meet” candidates face-to-face with a recruiter in the following round. “Teachers do demo lessons within the digital interview. The reason we didn’t do early contracts in the past is because we had no idea how the person taught until they came to the school. We can do early offers and contracts today with Convey for Interviewing,” Moreno said.


What did this new approach give them? Fast offers, improved budgets, and a speedier time-to-hire rate. Some key numbers:

  • Time-to-Hire Improved: Decrease of 62%, from 4 weeks to about 1.5 weeks
  • Time and Resource Savings: Decrease of 30%. Recruiters spend about 11 hours less per month screening candidates.
  • Reduced Expenses: $3,000 savings in travel expenses to date, over last year

Oakland isn’t the only school district taking off with Convey for Interviewing. The New York City Department of Education, The School District of Philadelphia and Harmony Public Schools have all transformed their processes using our platform.