Case Study: R/GA

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team on Mar 11, 2019 3:17:12 AM

With Convey for Interviewing, R/GA is now able to save time and get better candidates through the door.

Client Overview

R/GA’s journey all started with the idea of creating a company that valued design, while focusing on developing cutting-edge motion graphics, live-action film and video production.

Four hundred feature films and 4,000 commercials later, R/GA has transformed again into a leading interactive agency. To accommodate their growth and strategic direction, R/GA had to make its recruiting process a major priority. 


As the competition for great talent intensified, so did R/GA’s need for an iterative hiring process.

In its New York office alone, R/GA has 35 internship roles. For each of these roles, the recruiting team receives anywhere from 400-500 applications.

R/GA needed a way to scale its recruiting process to accommodate this high volume of junior talent. Leadership quickly understood that this growth had to be done through a process that could be scaled and optimized while also being consistent with R/GA’s innovative digital brand.

A major concern was this: How could their hiring process ensure that every “purple squirrel” candidate was captured and not lost?


The hiring team implemented Convey for Interviewing’s On-Demand screening process.

This allowed top candidates to complete a video questionnaire on their own time via their mobile advice or desktop.

Because of this scheduling flexibility and a quicker feedback loop from the hiring team, less candidates were getting lost to R/GA’s competitors in the early stages of the hiring process.

This also enabled R/GA to standardize the type of behavioral questions and assessment criteria for candidates that hiring managers agreed would lead to the highest quality hires. Maintaining open communication with hiring managers throughout the process and getting their buy-in on candidates earlier became easier to accomplish.


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Case Study: Proscribe

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team on Mar 11, 2019 3:12:31 AM


ProScribe was founded in 2010 with the mission to simplify electronic health records for medical professionals to focus more on their patients. ProScribe handles all the recruiting, training, implementation, and management of in-person or virtual “Scribes” for countless medical offices across the country.

The Challenge

Tays, the VP of Talent Acquisition for ProScribe, needed to engage over 2,500 applicants per month while integrating smoothly with iCIMS (a popular ATS). They were experiencing low engagement from applicants and had no visibility as to what was causing the problem. Keeping candidates engaged and identifying areas for improvement were two key areas that Tays knew they needed to improve. It was evident that with their existing technology, they were lacking the tools to accomplish this. Tays, needed to move quick and couldn’t afford losing several months due to a lengthy and complicated integration process common with most HR technology.

The Numbers

ProScribe upgraded their recruiting efforts with ConveyIQ and achieved the following over 6 months:


Launched first campaign in less than 2.5 weeks
24,000 applicants received 105,000+ custom messages
Email open rates is ~80% and 99% SMS open rates
64% of survey respondents are leaving 5 star reviews
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Strategic Talent Acquisition at NBC Universal – Hiring Case Study

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team on Mar 11, 2019 2:54:46 AM

After being acquired, NBCUniversal turned to digital interviewing to help adapt to cultural change.

Client Overview

Mergers and acquisitions can lead to strategic transformations, but resulting cultural shifts can often create major obstacles for recruiters when attracting and retaining talent.

After being acquired by Comcast, NBCUniversal found itself in the middle of a cultural change. Leadership needed to redefine the company’s values, and develop a strategy to communicate these values externally.

NBCUniversal began its transformation by revisiting what the brand had represented historically, and crafted a talent acquisition strategy rooted in innovation as they began to look to the future of their evolving media brand.

Overcoming Challenges

NBCUniversal faced several hurdles when redefining their talent acquisition strategy:

Identifying Competition

First, NBCUniversal defined which companies they were competing with for top talent. The obvious competition was other media companies, but after analysis, it became clear that the organization was also competing directly with other growing technology companies outside the media sector. This shift in perspective for talent attraction helped pave the way for an innovative and fresh approach to their process.

Messaging and Outreach

Instead of a site devoted just to job search, NBCUniversal redesigned their entire website to attract talent with rich and interactive content. Since it launched, the website has improved traffic by ~33% and has improved the candidate experience by educating applicants on the NBCU culture and cultivating a robust talent community.

NBCUniversal’s talent acquisition leadership also began leveraging social media to converse directly with potential applicants before and after they’ve applied for opportunities. The recruiting team began inviting interested job seekers to ask questions online, and held regular “chats” providing career tips and a glimpse into company life at NBCU. These conversations have proven vital for the organization while they build their talent pipeline.


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Case Study: Oakland Unified School District

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team on Mar 10, 2019 4:04:00 AM

OUSD cut time-to-hire rates by 62% and improved candidate experience through digital interviewing.

Client Overview

The Oakland Unified School District manages 85 different schools in the Oakland, California area. During the height of their principal and teacher hiring season (January-May), more than 500 candidates enter the pipeline annually.


Education is a highly competitive industry, with schools in neighboring districts fighting for top teacher talent.

“When I was going through the interview process with the district a while back, it was a big deal, as in this is my one shot,” former teacher-turned-OUSD Talent Recruiter Steven Moreno said. “It was too serious. If they didn’t offer me the job, then no one else in the district was able to have access to me.”

For OUSD, sluggish hiring processes (like too many phone interviews) and expensive travel costs were a concern when attempting to acquire high-volume candidates in a shorter amount of time.

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