Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, Aug. 4, 2017

Welcome back to another ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup! While you were busy getting ready for the release of the most recent jobs report, we were keeping tabs on some of the top headlines in talent acquisition, including how to keep employees happy, building a “superteam” and buzzwords you seriously need to avoid. Enjoy!

10 Buzzwords That Make People’s Skin Crawl

Ugh, buzzwords — those industry cliches you hear everywhere that may have had some merit once, but are soon exhausted into an eye roll or shrug. We get it — we use them too. This article from SocialTalent breaks down some of the most annoying buzzwords from the United Kingdom, with phrases like “Game Changer” and “Touch Base” topping the chart.

Keeping Employees Happy May Be Harder Than You Think

If you think all your employees are happy, you’re probably wrong — and there’s numbers to prove it. According to AccessPerks.com, 51 percent of all workers are thinking about leaving their jobs, and if you know anything about turnover, you know it can get costly. In this Recruiting Daily article, Christy Hopkins breaks down some of the best ways employers can keep their employees happy — and a part of their business.

Build a ‘Superteam’ — A Recruiting Strategy That Can Lead to Industry Domination!

There are recruiting lessons to be learned through the way professional sport teams build and grow their talent on the field. In this ERE piece, Dr. John Sullivan pitches the perfect way to build a “superteam –” an arsenal of all-star hires guaranteed to bring great results for your organization. You’ll also learn how to rally upper management to get behind your plan so you can get the backup you need to grow your team.

Are You Doing Diversity Recruiting All Wrong?

Diversity hiring is an important piece of the recruiting puzzle. But it’s often one of the most widely misunderstood practices. Some companies may have the wrong strategy in place, while others simply may not be doing enough to get the ball rolling. This piece outlines how Linkedin tackles diversity hiring through improved candidate experience and unbiased interview practices.

Everyone Should Be A Part Of Your Recruiting Team

Sometimes, CEOs can play the role of recruiter too. In this piece, HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby shares an anecdote about one high-level exec who shared their organization’s HR message as they delivered a speech at a recent conference. The moral of the story? Getting employees involved in the hiring process helps send a positive message about your company culture, and could attract potential hires.


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