Time to Fill


What is Time to Fill?

Time to fill is one of the main KPI metrics for recruiters, and signifies the amount of time it takes for a role to be staffed from the moment that the need for that role is identified and made public. Time to Fill is important for an organization to measure and keep track of so that they can make realistic organizational planning estimates and so that they can take strides to improve their hiring efficiency.


Measuring Time to Fill

There is no ideal benchmark for time to fill because hiring speed levels vary greatly depending on the industry and expertise level of the role being staffed. Lower-ranking roles are typically filled faster, while higher-ranking ones tend to take more time. In addition, the HR and recruiting norms of different countries impact time to full metrics globally. Because of these many variables, companies should set their time to fill goals based on their status quo performance and on the performance of competitors in their industry and geographic locale.

Businesses and recruiters need to be realistic in assessing their typical time to fill, as having accurate expectations for the process allows for creating growth plans without the need to constantly put actions dependent on filling the role on hold when delays arise.

While low time to fill numbers are typically considered best, recruitment professionals should take caution not to sacrifice employee quality in the pursuit of lower TTF. It is important to optimize hiring processes, rather than rushing through them or cutting out essential elements.


How ConveyIQ can help you minimize Time to Fill?

ConveyIQ’s full suite of recruitment solutions works to help minimize time to hire by automating typically tedious and time-consuming portions of the recruitment process. Interview scheduling software cuts out the endless back-and-forth inherent in traditional scheduling efforts, to render the process quick and efficient. Digital video interviewing software allows for critical communication to take place no matter where the involved parties are located. Lastly, our Candidate Relationship Management software eases applicant tracking, allowing for a central hub for storing candidate information and collaborating on hiring decisions.


These tools can be used as stand-alone supports or in conjunction with each other, allowing you to create the custom solution right for your organization.


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