Recruitment Systems

What is a Recruitment System?

A recruitment system, often also known as a Recruitment Management System or RMS, for short, is a multi-functional software tool used by HR professionals to automate the tasks involved in sourcing, attracting, and communicating with job candidates.


Key Features of Recruitment Management Software:

The functions available in a recruitment system vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but often include the following tools:


More advanced recruitment systems also feature video interviewing, which is used to attract and screen potential candidates. Employers use video to attract candidates by showcasing their employer brand through a short film communicating the company’s culture and benefits in engaging ways. Employers also use video to make the interview process more efficient by conducting person-to-person and one way video interviews with candidates. The recruitment systems then store these video interviews for stakeholder sharing and later review.

Some recruitment systems also offer robust interview analytics, showing companies actionable insight to improve their recruitment marketing. These insights may involve data on both the efficacy of recruitment methodology and on the demographic and professional data of job applicants.

Employers can use these insights to make decisions regarding:


How does ConveyIQ recruitment systems help you?

Companies who use ConveyIQ’s feature-rich recruitment system solutions usually see significant improvements in time-to-hire rates, interview completion, and time savings. If you’re interested in optimizing your organization’s hiring process with the use of a recruitment system, click here to learn more about our robust talent communications platform.




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