Enterprise Scheduling Software

What is Enterprise Scheduling Software?

As used in an HR context, enterprise scheduling software is a tool that allows large-scale organizations to optimize the often tedious task of finding mutually convenient time slots for interviewees and interviewers to meet.

Enterprise scheduling software works by automatically collecting availability data from all relevant parties and finding overlaps in free time slots. Such software removes the need for a human intermediary to email candidates asking for their availability, look through coworkers’ calendars in search of open time slots, and restart the time-consuming process from scratch when inevitable rescheduling needs arise.


Benefits of good scheduling software:

Enterprise scheduling software can reduce time-to-hire by as much as 60% by removing the lags inherent in waiting for a person to make all the necessary outreach and coordination efforts and by increasing visibility into schedules to make sure that the earliest mutually convenient time is chosen for a meeting.


Quality scheduling software can be used to coordinate several types of interviews and meetings, including:


How ConveyIQ can help you Schedule Interviews?

If you feel your recruitment efforts are being bogged down by laborious scheduling back-and-forth, it’s time to explore ConveyIQ’s scheduling software. With 10 labor weeks saved for every 100 job reqs by employers using the software, it’s worth your time to request a free demo today.


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