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Employer Branding

What is employer branding?

Employer branding is the way an organization positions itself as a potential employer of choice by showcasing their company culture, values, and mission with the goal of attracting talent that shares their initiatives and matches necessary skill sets. In a nutshell; Who are you as an organization?

Employer Brand should be prioritized the same way companies prioritize their consumer brands — after all, your candidates can also be your consumers, brand advocates, and ambassadors.

Top candidates want to work for employers that share their mission, and will give them the resources they need to grow in their careers. And if you attract and hire the right candidates, those employees are more likely to stay with your company for years to come, keeping your employee retention rates strong and your team and culture even stronger.

Some key employer branding stats:

When trying to build your employer brand to stand out with a higher reputation as an employer of choice, managing your candidate relationships by showcasing your brand through candidate communication and engagement is key throughout every step of the hiring journey.


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