What is E-Recruiting?

E-recruitment, sometimes also known as “online recruiting” or “digital recruiting”, is the process of using internet-based resources to attract, find, assess, interview, and onboard new employees. Because of the expansive reach and almost instant communication capabilities afforded recruiters by the internet, e-recruitment has quickly superseded previously popular methods of recruitment, such as newspaper listings and postal mail outreach, to become the primary method for employee searching and screening.


Benefits of e-recruiting include, but are not limited to:


In addition to these nearly-universal positive traits associated with e-recruiting, companies using dedicated e-recruiting software also benefit from additional benefits such as added efficiency in scheduling interviews, tracking candidates, and collaborating on hiring decisions.

Quality HR software integrates with popular online recruitment portals to allow subscribers to easily collect and comb through applicant data, facilitate applicant journeys through the hiring process, and use the information collected to onboard selected individuals into the organization.


How ConveyIQ can help you with e-recruiting?

ConveyIQ offers a full suite of e-recruiting solutions designed to increase efficiency and efficacy throughout the hiring process. Softwares dedicated to Candidate Relationship Management, Interview Scheduling, and Online Interviewing can be used as stand-alone supports or in conjunction with each other, allowing you to create the custom solution right for your organization.

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