Candidate Tracking

What is Candidate Tracking?

Candidate tracking, also known as applicant tracking, is the process of overseeing the collection and analysis of job application materials from both job seekers and sourced leads. Because of today’s ubiquitous levels of internet access, the process is now typically automated through software referred to as an Applicant Tracking System, whose primary function is providing a central hub where candidate information is stored.


Increasingly, such systems are not only being used to hold information but to use that information to optimize hiring processes as well. Today most applicant tracking systems have the ability to provide crucial insights into everything from job board efficacy to applicant demographic patterns. Employers can then use this data to decide if certain recruiting resources are worth the return on investment, whether job post language may be alienating certain types of qualified candidates, and which steps in the recruiting process are causing roadblocks which lead to increases in time-to-hire.


In addition to providing information crucial to process-optimization, effective candidate tracking also cuts down on the time and effort needed to effectively source, attract, and hire employees by standardizing workflow and the dissemination of data. Not only are applicant materials much less likely to get lost in the shuffle if they are organized in a single place, but, if the storage location or software has proper permissions, then materials can also be accessed by all involved stakeholders without the hold-up of asking others in the organization to sift through or send materials.


How ConveyIQ can help you with Candidate Tracking?

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