Treating applicants like customers is trending and here are some case studies that shows how brands adopt
ConveyIQ to eliminate applicant communication gaps and streamline recruiting practices.

Convey For Interviewing

Strategic Talent Acquisition at NBC Universal – Hiring Case Study

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Convey For Interviewing

Case Study: Oakland Unified School District

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Convey for Communication

Case Study: Proscribe

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Convey for Communication

Case Study: R/GA

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A Few of Our Clients


“ConveyIQ has allowed us to reach out to more candidates and move our recruiting and interview process along more efficiently. Our hiring managers and HR partners are now sent a candidate’s resume along with their digital interview, and we have received great feedback from our clients because of this!

Rachel Kafka

Talent acqusition

“At ProScribe, we were exploring avenues to automate our recruitment process, engage our candidates, and obtain real time feedback to enhance the overall candidate experience. Convey has enabled us to not only accomplish these goals but also instill our company culture and create brand awareness simultasneously. This plays a critical role in attracting and closing top talent in a competitve marketplace.

Tays Heyer

Vice President of Talent Acquisition

“We need the wow factor in the moment… that was a one shot deal. We want them to remember the experience. Our goal is to become a first class recruiting team. Attentive communication process separates us from the others. What’s happening is that candidates are more engaged throughtout the process because they are communicated with more often and recruiters are actively moving candidates along.

Robert Banovic

Talent Team Manager

“It was a match made in heaven! Our culture and core values mean a lot to us. ConveyIQ has given us the oppertunity to screen folks based on our culture without having to conduct a face to face or phone interview. In the spirit of doing more with less, we were also able to create a very efficient process and prevent hours being wasted on Recruiting Phone Screens.

Rockne Henriques


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