Cheesy Recruiting Tactics That Actually Work

It seems like every season a new recruiting fad takes center stage and takes over every career fair and trade show.
Some of these fads are just that — fads. They won’t stick around in the long run and their appeal quickly fades. Others, are extremely creative, long-lasting ways to attract candidates and encourage people to make a career change.
While a little cheesy, these recruiting tactics are far from a short-lived craze and have a serious impact.

Trendy, Free Swag

There’s no denying people love free things. And, that is no different for candidates. Swag is the ultimate attractor at career fairs and trade shows. But, the wrong swag can also detract candidates from your company’s table. This is one area where organizations should stick with the trends of the times. Keychains and sunglasses won’t quite cut it anymore.
Remember how huge fidget spinners were? Try replicating the toy, gadget or goodie of the time with company colors, logos and mascots!

Sending Funny Gifs And Memes

For entry-level candidates, gifs and memes are practically part of their everyday language. So, why not incorporate them into emails and texts? Congratulate candidates with a fangirling Jonah Hill gif or Leonardo DiCaprio Cheers meme. This is a fun way to showcase company culture! Plus, it makes candidates feel more relaxed during the interview process.

Goofy Company Culture And Departmental Videos

If a picture says a thousand words, a video has to say a million! Videos can quickly go viral online, and they give great insight into working at the company. Candidates want to feel like they belong and that they have a good understanding of what they are getting themselves into.
If your company is lacking culture videos, it’s time to make one. The more silly, the better!

Hype Up Your Candidates Before Interviews

Candidates are people too, and they get nervous for career shifts and interviews. Sending a simple calendar invitation directing them to sign in at the front desk, is boring and sets an intimidating tone. Share a cool preparation document or landing page with information about who they’ll be speaking with, what they should prepare (including which skills they should highlight) and fun facts about the company. This can prompt questions and in-depth dialogue during the interview and make candidates feel more at ease.


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