Your Candidates Are Too Nervous, Here’s What You Can Do About It

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

There are many significant steps along the applicant journey. The journey starts as soon as a potential employee applies to your position, and it doesn’t end there. One crucial part of this process that is often stagnant is the interview process. As our applicant's needs have changed, why do many of us still approaching the interview process in the same way?

We have all been there when we finally get the chance to interview for the job of our dreams. No matter who you are, you are a nervous wreck leading up to your name being called. This uneasiness may even continue while you are in the interview. Traditional interviews are a source of stress for many candidates, no matter how qualified for the job you are. If you want a well-rounded team, you should look into on-demand interviews.

Let’s break down some top interview fears that many Americans face when going into the interview process. When you isolate for other characteristics, these results shift slightly. These are the main fears according to a survey conducted by HarrisPoll and Everest College In 2013.

Candidates fear being:

  • Too nervous (17%)
  • Overqualified for the job (15%)
  • Stumped by the employer’s questions (15%)
  • Late for the interview (14%)
  • Underqualified for the job (11%)
  • Unprepared for the interview (10%)

While some of these fears can't be addressed with an on-demand interview, many of these fears can be calmed or eliminated with the right video interview software.

Here are some reasons you may want to utilize on-demand interviews that give your candidates more control:

Video Interviews Are One Step In The Applicant Journey

While you could hire based on a video interview, you don’t have to end the process there. Before we delve deeper into today’s topic, it is essential that we address this elephant in the room. On-demand interviews may seem awkward or different to your team, but you should use them as another tool if your hiring arsenal.

Here’s the real data when it comes to on-demand interview completion rates. At ConveyIQ, we love to look at the data behind our process. On average, our clients see a 75% completion rate when it comes to the digital interview offers they send to prospective candidates. Some of our clients see completion rates as high as 97% for digital interview invitations.

You may want to replace one of the earlier stages of the applicant journey with an on-demand interview. Phone interviews are a great way to screen candidates during the early stages of your applicant journey, but they take a ton of time and scheduling. Ultimately, you can’t interview as many candidates as you would like.

When you are building your applicant journey, flexibility is everything. Your applicants likely have a lot on their plate, so you want to give them the tools they need to succeed with your company on their terms. This flexibility also extends to you and your team, because you can watch applicant videos when you have the chance to do so.


Having A Video Interview Beforehand Gives You The Opportunity To Truly Dig Deep Further Down Your Applicant Journey

Another positive to on-demand interviews? You are giving your team the opportunity to truly dig deep as you move further down each applicant’s journey.

During your video interview, you can ask those common in-person interview questions. You get to see those responses in a new light because your candidates are more confident in their answers.

Being able to get those questions out of the way also empowers your candidates. Your potential candidates know that you have seen their interviews, and you are already impressed with them. They can breathe a sigh of relief going into the one-on-one knowing that you have already reviewed and loved their on-demand interview.

Then, once they finally get to your office, you can create a deeper connection through more in-depth conversations. You may even decide to change up the in-person interview style and replace it with a hands-on project or assessment that helps you get to know them and their skills better.

You Are Hiring The Best Worker, Not The Best Interviewer

Interviewing is a skill that not everyone possesses. When you are hiring a worker, your goal shouldn’t be to find the best interviewer. Instead, you want a person who will seamlessly fit into your companies culture while doing the work well.

We know that the cost of hiring a person who is a bad fit for our company. Bad hires are bad for business and can cost a ton of money because of things like:

  • Hiring and onboarding costs
  • Relocation fees
  • Litigation expenses
  • Lost customers and clients
  • ...and so much more!

One bad hire can set your company back and move you further away from your strategic vision and goals.

On-demand video interviews, give your candidates control over how they present themselves. With an on-demand interview, they can present themselves in a way that better aligns with who they are as a person. These interviews enable you to see past the nerves and allow you to find a candidate who will be the best person for the job.

The purpose of the applicant journey is to find the best fit for your company while creating a pleasant experience for your candidates. Video interviews are one step in the applicant journey that can help you produce the candidates that are better for your company.

Automation is critical for employers who want to produce higher-quality candidates. By investing in video interviews, you can save money and time while increasing candidate confidence during the applicant journey. Request a free consultation to learn more about our video interview software at ConveyIQ.

Also, be sure to download our latest white paper on optimizing your candidate experience with some top recommended communication strategies. Download it here.

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