What To Do When The Hiring Process Is Taking Longer Than Expected

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Running a smooth hiring process can sometimes be halted by the most random things. You may have received more resumes than expected, hiring budgets may need to be adjusted last minute, or you may even have a sudden change in the start date for hiring. Any number of things can go awry, and it’s up to you to communicate that with your candidates in a way that keeps them excited and interested in working with your company.

The problem is that most employers drop the ball when they have an in house change to the hiring timeline. Hiring takes time, but most candidates are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. It’s your job to communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process, even when you hit a snag in hiring.

Here’s how to communicate your hiring snag effectively.

Identify What The Precise Problem Is With Hiring

First and foremost, identify what the problem is. Get specific when understanding the hiring issues so that you can explain them to your candidates later. Walk through your entire hiring process and make sure you know what the problems are and how your team can solve them. Once you understand the issues, create a plan to resolve those issues with the hiring process.

Come Up With A Better Timeline For Hiring

Based on your plan to solve your hiring issues, come up with a better timeline for hiring. What would be a more realistic timeframe for replying to candidates, interviewing, and sending out a job offer? If you can't estimate the entire candidate search process, get a better estimate of when you expect the next step in the hiring process to start.

Communicate With Your Candidates And Give As Much Detail As Possible

Now, that you know what’s holding up the hiring process and you have a date, communicate with your candidates! You can use software like ConveyIQ to update your candidates with your new hiring timeline. Be honest with your candidates about what’s holding the hiring process back.

You don’t have to give every detail, but candidates will appreciate the honesty. When you communicate with your candidates often, they build trust with you and excitement for when the hiring process resumes. Communication helps you keep interested and important candidates excited and ready to be hired. You don’t want to lose your best applicants because of a slight change in your hiring timeline!

Stick With Your New Deadline And Don’t Move The Goal Post Again

Now that you have a deadline, it's your responsibility to make sure that your hiring team can stick to it. If you spent the right amount of time going over the hiring issues and you picked a date based on those issues, you shouldn't have any problems sticking to your new timeline.

Remember, you only had to give a new date for the next step in the hiring process! Stick to that timeline and communicate with your candidates along the way. Chances are, you aren't interacting with your candidates enough, so keep your applicants in the loop and stick to your new hiring timeline.

Overall, you want to stick to your timeline because it shows that your company is trustworthy and communicative. Work as much as you can behind the scenes to stick to your new deadline.

What If This Is Something I Just Cannot Control?

We understand that hiring snags happen and sometimes you can't catch a break. We encourage you to err on the side of constant communication with candidates throughout this process. Try to move as much of the hiring process along as you can and keep the lines of communication open.

When you move the goal post multiple times, though, you need to be aware that it might hurt your chances of finding the perfect candidate. Great candidates are balancing various potential job applications, and they won't be waiting around for you forever. Your job is to move through the hiring process as quickly as possible while keeping your brand values top of mind and communicating with candidates about their current place in the applicant journey.

Final Thoughts

The hiring process is an unpredictable journey for many companies. You never know where this process will take your company, but your candidates should be updated every step of the way. Applicants expect a ton from us during this journey, and we have to step up and provide an excellent candidate experience.

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