Weird Interview Questions Top Companies Ask...And Why To Ask Them

Posted by Danielle Weinblatt

Do you ask weird interview questions?

Glassdoor keeps us updated with their Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions lists and there are some real zingers. These questions will often showcase the candidate’s thought process, cultural fit and problem solving abilities. Additionally, they will also show if a candidate can think quickly on their feet. Although they often throw candidates for a loop, these questions can provide some of the best and most candid responses allowing you to get a true sense of the candidate.

Here are some of our favorite questions on the list, and some ideas as to why you should ask them:

If you had turned you cell phone to silent, and it rang really loudly despite it being on silent, what would you tell me?


This is a great way to see how a candidate would handle an unexpected problem that happens during a client meeting. Are they cool under pressure? Watch for candidates who are able to come up with a quick response and rectify the situation, while getting back on track.

What’s your favorite song? Perform it for us now.


This is a great way to find candidates who might be on the next season of American Idol. Joking aside, it can be a great way to loosen the mood of the interview and screen for cultural fit. See if the candidate is willing to break out of their comfort zone and put himself or herself out there. Do they jump into song immediately or ask questions about the need to perform?

How do you make a tuna sandwich?

Astron Consulting

This question will allow candidates to show their ability to explain processes and allow you to judge their training or managerial abilities.

How many cows are in Canada?


This question will show candidates thought process and problem solving ability. Additionally, it will highlight candidates who ask the right questions on their way to answering the question.

What kitchen utensil would you be?

This is a great way to have a candidate describe and talk about a product and how well they can sell their response. The product doesn’t particularly matter, but their reasoning behind their choice will tell you a lot about their thought process and their selection.

Asking weird interview questions isn’t about the candidate having the right answer, or knowing the exact number of cows that are in Canada, but are a great way to see how candidates are able to come up with answers and demonstrate the logic behind their answers.

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