Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines in Talent Acquisition, March 2, 2018

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Welcome back to another ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup. Here’s the latest news and updates that made headlines in the HR community this week.
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There were so many great articles circulating this week, we couldn’t stick to one theme! This week’s roundup has a little something for everyone - candidates, recruiters, talent acquisition professionals and employers.


This Company Has the Best Pay and Benefits, According to Employees
This goes out to all the job seekers on the market right now. If you’re itching for a new gig, but just don’t know where to apply, this company should be on your radar. They have fantastic reviews that come straight from employees. So you know this information is truthful. You’ll have to read the article to find out who this mystery employer is!

Undercover Recruiter

Why Flexibility is Important to Your Recruitment Strategy
It’s one thing for companies to preach flexible work arrangements during the interview process and another to offer their employees that benefit. All too commonly, organizations use this as bait to attract candidates. Following through on these promises can actually be really valuable to recruiting practices. It builds employer brand and can even reduce turnover.

The Muse

4 Soul-Crushing Moments Every Job Searcher Experiences (and How to Get Through 'Em)
This article is also for the job seekers out there. Looking for a job is tough, and when these scenarios happen, it’s even more difficult. Accepting a job offer just to get a call back from your dream company or never hearing anything back from an employer are both common challenges. Author Jaclyn Westlake shares some other typical scenarios and how to combat and them.


When It Comes to the Candidate Experience It’s the Same ‘Ol Story
As candidate experience has become an increasingly popular topic amongst talent acquisition professionals recently, the data isn’t changing much. Candidates have always wanted a better interview experience, and that message is just starting to trickle to recruiting teams. Author Kevin Grossman shares some data from the Talent Board global candidate experience research and shares some important takeaways.

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