Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines in Talent Acquisition, Jan. 12, 2018

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Welcome back to another ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup. Here’s the latest news and updates that made headlines in the HR community this week.
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Talent acquisition teams are kicking off the year with strong hiring plans and insights to help candidates make informed decisions about their careers. From the best places to find work to replacing resumes with alternative skills descriptors, we’re talking tips for the candidate!


The 10 best places to find a job in 2018
Candidates on the hunt for a new job this year should pay attention to the cities Abigail Hess shares in this article. The coasts hold strong in popularity, but the cities "on the rise" may be a surprise to readers. Topping the list were two cities in Arizona that have great job market and socioeconomic ratings. Plus states like North Dakota, Maine and Ohio are climbing the rankings!


U.S. Employers Reveal Strongest Early-Year Hiring Plans Since 2001
Though there were fewer jobs created in 2017 than in 2016, hiring plans for 2018 are stronger than ever. In fact, 21% of employers plan on making many hires in the first quarter. Why is this happening? Well, employers feel really optimistic about business success this year and are banking on strong employees to make that happen. Roy Maurer gives a deep overview of this hiring growth and what that means for entry-level roles.

The Muse

3 Questions That’ll Ensure You're Never Unprepared for a Meeting Again
This is a great read for candidates and recruiters, alike. In an introductory interview, it can sometimes be challenging to know the role each person plays, especially differentiating between passive and active candidates. These 3 questions can be a quick fix to establish goals and set guidelines for the discussion for both parties. That way, interviews are as productive as possible!


Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting Millennials in 2018 (Infographic)
Millennials are still hot hires, so to appropriately recruit them, it’s important to understand their behaviors and desires out of a career. This infographic from SocialTalent is the ultimate guide to assist in millennial hiring plans. For example, most millennials are conducting their job searches entirely online, so it’s time to get on social media and online job boards to catch their attention. Candidates, that means recruiters will be taking a look at your online presence, so polish it to perfection!

Fistful of Talent

Why Resumes Need To Retire
Kathy Rapp is passionate about retiring the resume and instead replacing them with an updated solution for candidates to present skills and qualifications. But why are resumes so bad? In Rapp’s opinion, they focus too much on titles, slow down the recruiting process, and are static identifiers of a candidate. This is even more reason to buff up your online presence to highlight your skills and expertise.

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