Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines in Talent Acquisition, April 13, 2018

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Your ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup is a collection of the most popular articles on recruiting, hiring, talent acquisition, candidate experience and HR tech.


Four Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience
One easy way to improve candidate experience at your organization is to simply respond to candidates. Responsiveness is just one of the four easy tips author Sharlyn Lauby outlines in this article. Much of this is common sense, so it can be easily overlooked, but supporting data highlights the importance of these quick fixes for candidate experience.

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Recruiting tech: The best is yet to come
Technology in the talent acquisition space is constantly evolving and changing the way recruiting teams work. There are a few trends that are especially on the rise now and will have serious impacts moving forward. Read how artificial intelligence, data and analytics, video, gamification and texting are making waves!


Want to Avoid Hiring People You Can't Trust Later? Ask These 5 Powerful Interview Questions
It's important to evaluate a candidate's integrity during the hiring process. You'll know who you hire can be trusted and has the motivation to be an honest employee.  This article offers interview questions to implement in your recruitment efforts to test this skill and make smart hiring decisions.


5 Traits to Look For When Hiring An Early Marketing Team For Your Startup
If you're looking to build your marketing department, look for candidates with the ability to be generalists and who are humble. Generalists, quite simply, get the job done. No matter what that job is. Someone with humility is a great addition to the team because they always have an interest and eye for improvement and growth. Author Dayna Rothman shares some other important characteristics of strong marketing candidates.
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