Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, June 30, 2017

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Welcome back to another ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup! We’ve gathered five interesting articles from talent leaders, so you don’t have to. A lot was going on in the world of recruiting this week, including how to minimize bias, the real reason you’re not finding qualified applicants, and the state of candidate experience. Enjoy!

The Definitive Action Guide for Minimizing Bias and Increasing Diversity Hires, Part 1

The concept of “unconscious bias” has been a hot topic in the recruiting industry this month. It’s one thing to be aware of unconscious bias, but how do you actually go about resolving it in your hiring practices? In this piece, Dr. John Sullivan identifies two major types of biases that can hurt diversity hiring, and how companies can use messaging, branding and data to attract the talent they need.

Yes, Your Candidate Experience Is Probably Worse Than You Think

Sorry, but it’s true — according to a new CareerBuilder study, there’s a pretty big discrepancy between how employers and potential employees view candidate experience (Hint: the odds aren’t in an employers’ favor) In this RecruitingDaily article, John Hollon breaks down some of the study’s key findings, and offers his insights.

How To Ensure Your Job Offers Are Always Accepted

A recruiter headache: You do all the work to bring a great candidate in for a few rounds of interviews — only to have them to turn down an offer at the end of the process. It’s deflating, sure, but there are ways to avoid the big letdown. In this Linkedin article, Lou Adler breaks down some of the best ways to test top talent and identify red flags from candidates who may not want your job after all.

Job Posting Sites Vs. Job Aggregators: What the Heck’s the Difference?

Though they may serve the same purpose in theory, job posting sites and job aggregators are quite different in practice. Making the most out of each type of site requires some specific savvy too. This article from MightyRecruiter breaks down the major differences between the two mediums, and offers some tips on how to maximize posting to each site.

‘It’s Hard To Find Qualified Applicants –’ Another Business Lie

While some recruiters are swamped with an overload of resumes, others struggle with finding qualified talent to fit a particular role. In this piece, Liz Ryan argues that the real reason recruiters can’t find good talent is not because it isn’t out there — but because their recruiting strategy isn’t up with the times. Ryan challenges recruiters to rethink how they hire and how they can embrace change to get better results.


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