Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, June 9, 2017

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Welcome back to another ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup! We’ve gathered five interesting articles from talent leaders, so you don’t have to. While you were busy finalizing your summer intern team, a lot was going on in the world of recruiting — including developments in Uber’s workplace investigation, engaging your hiring manager, and the importance of empathy in management. Here’s our breakdown:

Uber Fires 20 Amid Investigation Into Workplace Culture

Ride-share giant Uber was in the spotlight this week, as the tech company gave the red light to 20 employees in connection to an investigation focusing on what the New York Times describes as “deep-seated management and cultural issues.” There’s a lesson to be learned here: A strong corporate culture matters. Employee dissatisfaction not only hurts a company internally, but negative reviews (or in this case, press) can pump the brakes on positive public image, too.

The Role of Empathetic Leaders in Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining Talent

Speaking of workplace culture, new data shows empathy is a core component for improving employee morale — but it starts at the top, and it’s often undervalued. This article from HR Dive explores the benefits of empathy in the workplace, and offers tips on how to redefine management styles to improve employee satisfaction — and ultimately, retention.

The Top 7 Ways to Get Hiring Managers to Devote More Time To Recruiting

As we all know too well — when it comes to recruiting, time is of the essence. And when it comes to improving time-to-hire rates, hiring managers play a pretty big role in the process. How can you get them to engage? According to this ERE piece from Dr. John Sullivan, you have to “show them the money.” After all, in business, time is money, isn’t it?

5 Tips To Modernize Your Recruiting Tactics

The way job seekers are finding opportunities has shifted. As Keith Johnstone, of Peak Sales Recruiting points out, long gone are the days of the newspaper classifieds — the smartphone job search is now at the forefront, and recruiters need to keep up. This Forbes article outlines how some companies are breaking the norm and embracing out-of-the-box tactics to engage job seekers, from in-house tours to interactive videos.

Four ‘Super-Elements’ to Look for in Potential Hires to Build a Strong Team

As we’ve said before, some of the most important qualities that define a strong candidate can’t be found on a resume. In this piece, Adam Robinson, of Hireology, defines other traits to look for in potential candidates, and why the best hire may not always be the one with the most accolades on paper.

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