Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, May 19, 2017

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Welcome back to the ninth installment of the ConveyIQ Friday Roundup. We’ve gathered five interesting articles from HR and Talent Acquisition experts so you don’t have to. While you were busy sourcing top talent, a lot was going on in the world of HR, including a counterintuitive take on talent strategy, and more on recruiting metrics you could be tracking. Enjoy!

Who Wants To Be A Recruiting Metric-Aire?

As the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at IBM, Carol Gordon has a lot to oversee on a day-to-day basis. So when she talks about what metrics are most important to her, people listen. Check out this piece from ERE that dives into Gordon’s three most important metrics, and why they’re valuable to her.

4 Challenges All Modern Recruiters Face (And Their Modern Solutions)

Recruiting can sometimes feel like an absolute whirlwind. With day-to-day responsibilities and noise in the market, discerning what is most important in 2017 recruiting can be difficult. Edward Page, a thought leader from ThisWay Global, highlights how teams are solving the most relevant challenges in the ever-shifting recruiting world. With the right technology, teams are creating fast processes that allow them to stand out from the crowd.

You’re Recruiting The Wrong Kind of Talent–Here’s Why

By studying the most successful sports dynasties and what made them so great, Fast Company’s Sam Walker made a shocking, counterintuitive revelation: the best teams are not built of all superstars. Walker believes the same phenomenon occurs at the best companies, and success depends more on strong mid-level managers than a few shining stars.

Candidate Sourcing: LinkedIn and Left Out 

As Talemetry points out, 65 percent of Linkedin’s revenue is from talent-seeking recruiters, which makes sense. Using Linkedin, recruiters can use queries for passive sourcing, glean information about candidates, and reach out to them all in one platform. The problem is, if every other recruiting team is doing the same thing, candidates begin to feel recruiter fatigue. Instead of spending thousands on a platform that does not allow you to own their data, Talemetry argues that smart companies should instead invest in their own CRM to track and engage candidates.

Does Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Include Jobs For Veterans?

Let’s keep it real: hiring veterans takes effort. Veterans can be incredibly valuable to your company, but their resumes don’t always translate to your job requirements. If you are hiring for a sales role, the easy route is going with a candidate with five years of experience over a veteran who has different career experiences. By making what seems to be the “easy” choice, you can miss out on candidates who are driven, smart and have experience working in teams. As Memorial Day approaches and we honor our veterans, check out iCIMS’ helpful tips for attracting and retaining veterans.

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