Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, May 5, 2017

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Welcome back to another ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup. We’ve gathered five interesting articles from HR and Talent Acquisition experts so you don’t have to. While you were busy meeting your hiring number, a lot was going on in the world of HR — including LinkedIn’s Monthly Workforce Report and more on the elusive Google Hire. Enjoy!

April 2017 Jobs Report: What You Need To Know

Pulling from a reservoir of data on the activities of their 138 million users, LinkedIn spins up fascinating monthly reports on the state of the American workforce. This month’s report highlights how April 2017 was the strongest month for hiring in nearly two years, and which industries benefited from the rising tides. For more on the official April 2017 jobs report, check out the Wall Street Journal’s complete breakdown here.

 Here’s What We Know (And Don’t Know) About Google’s New Job Search

Speculation has swirled the last few weeks since Google unexpectedly introduced their new Google Hire tool. Rumors about the product have ranged from a new ATS, to a job board that would squander the SEO of recruiting powerhouses like Indeed. Joel Cheesman has assembled videos and screenshots in this informative piece that outlines exactly what we know and don’t know about the tech giant’s latest project.

Culture Fit: The Basics

Lazlo Bock, the former SVP of People Operations at Google, explains how to retain employees in two simple ways. First, understand that employees care about the quality of other employees they work with; and second, understanding that employees want to complete meaningful work. Alex Cooper, of Recruiting Daily, talks about how a negative company culture at Uber has impacted their business and reduced the productivity of extremely talented employees. He offers up some resources for developing a positive company culture as a precursor for hiring “culture fit” candidates.

 If All Hiring Managers Were Like This One, We’d Have an Amazing Work Force

Quick question: When is the last time you received personalized feedback from a job you didn’t get? Better yet, when is the last time you gave one of your candidates a constructive rejection? Suzanne Lucas, aka the “Evil HR Lady,” highlights one recent hiring manager whose candidate feedback made waves on LinkedIn Pulse. Check out the rest of the post on Inc. for more on Lucas’ thoughts on what she liked about the post, and why most candidates typically don’t get feedback like that after an interview.

61% Of Job Seekers Visit Company Sites Before Applying

I don’t know about you, but before I buy ANYTHING online, I’m reading every review provided. Valerie Bolden-Barrett, of HR Dive, argues in this brief that candidates who check out sites like Glassdoor or The Muse before applying are simply employing the same strategy as online consumers. Because of this, employers are now increasing their focus on making their career sites more appealing. Stay tuned for our in-depth look on the topic next week!


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