Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, April 28, 2017

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Welcome back to another ConveyIQ Roundup. We’ve gathered five interesting articles from HR and Talent Acquisition experts so you don’t have to. While you were busy bumping your Glassdoor ratings with great interviews, a lot was going on in the world of HR — including creative interview questions from industry experts, and more on how a bad candidate experience can affect your bottom line. Enjoy!

How to Hire the Right Person

Candidates know how to answer all of your common interview questions, like “where do you see yourself in five years?” or “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” But bland questions lead to bland interviews where you don’t really get a gauge on who the candidate really is. The New York Times has some tips from industry experts on how to figure out if a candidate is genuinely interested in a role. Taking candidates outside the office and choosing the right type of curveball questions are just some ways to pierce through surface-level conversations and find the best fit.

Why Some Companies Forget Job Seekers Are Customers, Too

Remember: Candidates are also your customers. Companies are now building formulas to calculate the financial impact of candidates speaking poorly about their process, and investing in resources to fix it. This Wall Street Journal article explores the process, and how one impressive software giant has made a pledge to let candidates know where they are at every step in the interview process.

Infographic: San Francisco vs. NYC Hiring Showdown

We’re proud to be a part of New York’s growing tech scene, but since we have a few West Coast natives on the team, the argument over which city is better is quite familiar around our office. While there’s room for debate on that topic, this post from Lever proves the two large cities are quite alike (and definitely top players) when it comes to the hiring funnel.

Millennials Want ‘Authenticity’ and a Personal Approach From Recruiters

As this post from HR Dive mentions: “Millennials are desirable candidates thanks to their willingness to collaborate, their ability to adapt and their skill with new technologies.” The main thing millennials want is authenticity, to know where they are in the process, and a personal touch. Nailing those items is a great place to start.

Talent By the Numbers – V

We love Todd Raphael’s “Talent By The Numbers” series on ERE— it’s succinct, useful, and well-researched. In this week’s edition, Raphael offers 11 quick stats that could influence your perspective on the state of talent acquisition. One figure we found interesting, sourced from a Universum post: 85 percent of young students in North America are open to employers contacting them on social media about work opportunities, but only 25 percent have been contacted. Is your team reaching out to students on social media about opportunities?

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