Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, Mar. 31, 2017

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Welcome back to another ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup. We’ve gathered five interesting articles from HR and Talent Acquisition experts so you don’t have to. While you were busy hiring superstars, a lot was going on in the world of HR, including national attention on the subject of bad candidate experience and a notable diversity report. Enjoy!

Uber Releases Diversity Report and Repudiates Its ‘Hard-Charging Attitude’

Silicon Valley’s diversity issues are well-documented. The latest company in the Valley to come under the microscope is Uber, who is taking fire for a “male-centric,” “individualistic” and “aggressive” work culture that has manifested in complaints from former employees.

To clean up its act, Uber has hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. to conduct an internal investigation, and chosen former Google exec Liane Hornsey as the new CHRO. As The New York Times puts it, Ms. Hornsey has been given a “blank check” to develop a robust HR organization and scale back on Uber’s “hard-charging” attitude. Her first move? To go on a “listening tour” around the company to hear employees’ various grievances.

How These 10 Companies Are Getting Creative With Employer Branding

Here’s a collection of 10 impressive employer branding tactics for this collection of five articles. This one from LinkedIn’s Talent Blog highlights successful LinkedIn InMails from HubSpot, eye-grabbing recruitment ads from MailChimp, and much more.

Hiring Veterans is Easy. Keeping Them Is Hard

While you can find hundreds of tactics to recruit veterans, the next frontier is retaining them. In this article, The Wall Street Journal cites a 2016 U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation survey of 1,000 veterans that found 44% left their first post-military jobs within a year.

Part of the problem was the transition in the type of work. Veterans who were previously leading life-or-death missions are now doing data-entry in roles for which they are vastly overqualified. The other difficulty was a lack of education in business standards.

You’ve Added Snapchat Into The Recruitment Marketing Mix! Now What?

If you want to reach millennials with your recruitment marketing, meet them where they are! According to Business Insider, a whopping 158 million people use Snapchat every day and Bloomberg says 70% of those users are under 24 years old. In this article, ERE gives tips on what metrics to track if you have started using Snapchat for Recruitment Marketing.

Thanks for Submitting Your Résumé to This Black Hole

And finally, a funny and refreshing bit of satire from The New York Times depicting a horrendous two-month journey for a candidate applying to “A Really Great Company.” Unfortunately this disastrous two-month roller coaster hits close to home for many candidates, and shows the need for point of contact, a transparent recruiting process, and informative follow-ups.

That’s it for this week! Get outside and enjoy this crisp Spring weather this weekend!

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