Twitter Spoke, And We Listened: A Discussion On Candidate Experience

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Convey Chats is a series of Twitter chats and discussions on popular talent acquisition topics and trends. We kick off the topic and hear from Recruiting and Human Resources professionals on their ideas, opinions and where they see the industry heading.
The focus of this discussion was candidate experience, and more specifically the challenges many teams face and ideas for improving the candidate experience. This chat is part of our larger Golden Rule of Recruiting series exploring the candidate experience.
From creating the dream hiring process, to keeping candidates warm and engaged throughout the interview process, this chat was packed with great insights!

A Focus On the Candidate Is Key

Talent acquisition teams are heavily focused on candidate experience this year. It's becoming a hot topic as the job market transitions to a candidate-driven model.
But, with this shift and entirely new focus for these teams, it's difficult to pinpoint which actions or plans to implement to transform current practices.  What we do know is that attention and communication go a long way with candidates.
41.3% of organizations do not survey candidates about their interview experience. When almost half of employers do not even obtain candidate feedback, there are no reasons to update the candidate experience, nor are there metrics or data to support changes.
Candidates crave information and detail while interviewing. 70% of candidates want to learn about the responsibilities of the role. Many candidates also want to learn how they'd fit in on the team and an overview of the company culture.

Some Of Our Favorite Insights

We had a great discussion with recruiting professionals who offered awesome solutions to the candidate experience conundrum. These were some of our favorite tweets:

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