The Missing Link of Every TA Team

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

In the last decade as the unemployment rates have shrunk and the labor force has continued to get tighter, the competition for talent has spawned several new recruitment approaches. Competition usually spawns innovation and for talent acquisition, this has also been the case.

We’ve seen talent communities, pipelines and networking software. There have been huge strides made in recruitment marketing with video, candidate relationship management and email campaigns. Companies focused on applicant gaming assessments, on-demand video interviews and job matching programs that mirror online dating. Talent Tech Labs tracks hundreds of HRTech solutions in almost every sector of talent acquisition, more than enough to make a TA buyer’s head spin.

Yet, aside from adding an employment branding person or a few sourcers, most corporate TA staffs look very similar to what they were like 10 or even 20 years ago. As the innovation has brought on more sophistication, our teams have not added the specialists to take advantage.

If you consider a movie set from 20 years ago compared to the present, you wouldn’t recognize the pace of change with actors running their lines with no set behind them all to be burned in with CGI in post-production. In today’s professional sports, there is a player selected for just about every situational aspect of the game from slot defensive backs, to pitchers used for low ball hitters, to defenders specifically put on the team to defend the 3-point shot in basketball. Twenty years ago, there were still some players playing both offense and defense in football!

In a corporate setting, much has been made of automation and robotics that has changed the scope of how a company makes and ships a product. These changes as has been well documented have made it so fewer workers are needed for repetitive tasks and are able to focus more attention on improving the overall performance of their products instead of how they’re made.

There is little debate that by bringing in specialization, either through machines or specialists that the products created have been vastly improved. In Talent Acquisition, we have tools that can improve our efficiency and effectiveness in several areas. Yet a recruiter’s job to scan applicants, screen them for openings, organizes them for interviews and assists in crafting offers has not been impacted much.

TA Needs to Consider Communication Specialists

I think it’s mostly because we haven’t broken out the tasks and shown how better our new hires will be if we did. To me one of the key areas that should be considered for a specialist is in communication. By adding a Communication Specialist, every aspect of the recruiting process from talent isolation to on-boarding will be improved. Consider the fact that recruiting is completely rooted in communication at every level.

Recruitment marketers support employment branding through advanced email campaigns to prospects. Recruiters and sourcers succeed when they have candidate messages that are personalized and not spam. TA leaders focused on an enhanced Candidate Experience send messages to applicants about the steps in the hiring process and TA Operations communicate with applicants to schedule them for on-demand video or onsite interviews.

Communicating Hiring Steps to Applicants

All of these activities call out for a specialized approach, and none are more needed than communicating with applicants. Messaging to applicants as they move through the hiring journey is critical to maintain their motivation, especially for top performers. Take a look at applicant actions in the chart below from the 2017 Talent Board annual report. Focus on the activity descriptions and you will see the enormous opportunity by adding a Communication Specialist. These are only focused on the interview and there are many other messages that should be tackled.


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There are solutions that can be brought in to assist in Applicant Communication that can customize and automate the flow of information to applicants for any step in the Applicant Journey from submitting an application through on-boarding. These solutions are integrated with your ATS, so as a recruiter moves an applicant to new step in the process, it triggers a new automated message (text or email) that is sent. These messages can be set in advance and crafted by your sources, recruiters, managers, or if you agree with the notion, a Communication Specialist!

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