The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Look Out Recruiters, Your Role is About to Change… Again

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Over the last decade, the role of a recruiter has changed dramatically. Pushing paper applications around is a thing of the past. Human Resources has stepped up as a business partner and earned their seat at the table. The business is learning to measure our value, which is all we've ever asked for.
Today, talent acquisition is top of mind and a key part in every business strategy. Companies are making proactive strides to go after the talent they want. In response, business processes are being streamlined, interviewing has shifted to a behavioral focus, and recruiters have a direct line of communication to the senior leadership team with the ability to influence change.

We’ve come so far! Don’t get too comfortable though.

The role of a recruiter is already morphing into the next phase. Technology and artificial intelligence are beginning to slowly take over. Computers will soon learn and make decisions as humans do. It won’t be long and an algorithm will find better candidates than recruiters. As predicted, machines will make the recruiter role obsolete.
This may sound like a thing of the future. Yet, the shift has already begun. We can’t run and hide from it. This change is nothing to fear. Instead, we must accept it, embrace it, and lead our teams to the other side.

What does this new role look like?

First, it looks more strategic. Technology will replace many of the mundane tasks that once filled our day. Things like screening candidates, scheduling, interviewing talent, and manually tracking metrics. Those are already quickly becoming a thing of the past.
You’re probably wondering, “What’s left? That’s pretty much my entire job.”
It is today. However, think of this new role as taking the business partnership to a new level. The business still needs advice on building strong teams and selecting top talent. Then there’s identifying and supporting the technology being used to do the work. Machines will still need empathy and emotional intelligence only a human can provide.
Now think of all the work you currently struggle to fit in: creating an authentic hiring brand, becoming an employer of choice, establishing strong community partnerships, building proactive talent pools. These are initiatives talent acquisition should own. While it is on everyone's radar, this is work many companies hope to build someday. If you had the time to focus on these things, the impact would be impressive. Someday would become now.
It’s important not to fear the changes. While the role itself may look different, it’s not going away! Recruiters are still necessary to ensure the right people are being hired.
The best thing you can do is dive into the technology. Be at the forefront to understand what is available and how to bring it into your organization. Know the pros and cons and be involved in the conversations about how it impacts your workload.
Take it to your senior leadership team. Build a business case to implement the technology that will best support your company and progress you forward. Be in control of the change!
Informed, proactive recruiters will make it to the other side of this change.

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