The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Leveraging Content In The Hiring Process

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Adding content to your hiring process can seriously differentiate you from other hiring companies and give candidates a better experience.
Content can range anywhere from interactive landing pages, to blog posts, to social media posts. More commonly in recruiting, content takes the form of culture videos and interview preparation guides.
Unfortunately, content is rarely used to engage and inform candidates. Most attention is placed on using content to attract candidates, yet that is still limited to videos and elaborate careers pages.

Content That Works

First, not all content works for every hiring process or every type of position. There’s a certain level of customization that must be involved to pay special attention to different hiring needs.
That being said, content is a fantastic means to keep candidates warm, to educate candidates, to attract applicants and to welcome people to your team. However, it is very underutilized in most hiring processes. Sometimes that’s due to a lack of bandwidth to send or create content. Other times, a lack of content is because of a lack of inspiration.
Look no further for inspiration! These pieces of content work to educate, inform, warm and welcome applicants and candidates at every stage of the hiring process!

Blogs From Your Talent Acquisition, Human Resources or Recruiting Leader

LinkedIn publications or blogs dedicated to your hiring culture are great pieces to share with potential new employees. This type of content is great for giving applicants and candidates an idea of what the organization is looking for, its goals and why it’s a great workplace. These blogs can also cover interview preparation expectations or tips. Hearing from leaders at the organization holds a lot of credibility in candidates’ eyes and makes the interview experience feel open and transparent. These blogs can be used endlessly in every hiring department.

Culture Videos

Careers pages should show off company culture accurately, and culture videos are a fun way to share that information. Videos give people real insight into the office and work environment, so they are awesome for attracting applicants and engaging with them. Team-specific videos are great to share post-application so candidates can virtually “meet” their potential new teammates and dig into different departments even further.

Team Guides

Team guides are another great way to allow individuals to virtually meet their new potential team members. These guides can be downloaded PDFs from a job description or even be sent at the early stages of the hiring process to candidates. Team guides should include brief bios about individuals on the team, what their titles and responsibilities are, their email addresses and even fun facts! This provides a resource so applicants (or prospective applicants) know who they could potentially work with and in what capacity. Sharing contact information also enables candidates to send questions or thank you notes following interviews!

Detailed Job Overviews

This is a no-brainer but gets overlooked so often! Job descriptions on your website are mandatory to submit applications and learn about open roles. They are not comprehensive overviews of a position a lot of the time, though. This leads to the most common interview question from candidates: “Can you tell me more about the day-to-day of this position?” Before interviews, send candidates a more detailed job description, including FAQs about the role (with that question being number one on the list). This informs candidates even further and can allow for more productive conversations during the interview.

Company Announcements & News Articles

Upon application or between stages of the interview process, keep candidates informed and engaged with exciting content about your company! The waiting period between feedback or interviews can be a frustrating place, so offering content at these stages makes a great deal of sense to keep your candidates happy. If you are featured in a SHRM article, released a new product update or just closed a big round of funding, share this news! It’s great interview preparation material and let’s candidates know you’re still thinking about them while getting them excited about working for your company.

Implementing Content In Your Hiring Process

Now that your creative juices are flowing with content ideas, it’s time to update your hiring process.
Start with your recruiting teammates and consider what goals you are hoping to achieve. If attracting talent is challenging, start with content at the top of the funnel like a culture video or employee spotlight interviews on your company’s blog, for example.
After establishing your goals, work with your team to create a plan to make and implement this content. Creating a culture video, for example, will most-likely involve your marketing team and some production efforts to film and edit, then your web team to publish it on your careers page. Approach these teams with your complete plans to get started on these projects.
If involving too many teams seems overwhelming, start smaller. Instead of a full-blown culture video, try using your company’s Instagram story to create a “day-in-the-life” video. You can save this later and publish it to other social media channels or include in job descriptions.
Dream big, set goals, make plans and scale back if you need to. Any step toward content implementation is a step in the right direction!

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