The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Employer Brands We Love & Why

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Employer branding is tricky for a lot of companies to establish, develop, and maintain. It's important to emphasize, though, because it has a huge impact on the candidate experience and applicant volume.
Even as some organizations are still figuring out their employer brands, others are crushing it! Strong employer brands are communicative, exploding with a feeling or emotion, informative, and make candidates say, "yes!"
These are the organizations with some of our favorite employer brands and why we think they are awesome!

Employer Brands We Love & Why We Love Them



Betterment is an organization completely geared toward empowering users' financial futures, and their employer brand speaks to this value so clearly. It's loud and clear on their careers page that they are obsessed with empowering their employees in every aspect of their lives. Betterment's careers page is direct and bold. It states their values, previews their company culture, provides employee insights, and succinctly outlines what they look for in candidates. This is all reflected on their social media channels and company content as well. Overall, this is a clean, direct, organized brand.


Want to work for Lush? Just head to their careers page and read the blog post How To Get Hired. It really cannot get much simpler than that. Lush has an unparalleled consumer brand all about being kind, friendly, and thoughtful to people, the planet, and animals. From their recruiting how-to articles, to videos, to showcasing their top employer awards, it's clear that these values of kindness and thoughtfulness are important to the employee experience as well.


lululemon is ranked as one of Glassdoor's best places to work for 2018, and they've been recognized as a top employer in the past as well. Their careers information sites - whether that's LinkedIn, Glassdoor, social media, or their careers page - all inform, educate, and inspire readers with helpful information about positions and positive mantras. Plus, we love all the great visuals and photos that are authentic to their brand!


We love transparency, and ProScribe delivers! Often candidates get frustrated during hiring processes because they don't know where they stand or they don't know the possible next steps. ProScribes careers page illustrates and describes exactly what the interview process is in a punchy, infographic-style overview. Their resource and careers pages and social media channels are excellent sources to understand the benefits and values of being an employee for the organization. ProScribe makes being a job candidate look and feel easy.


If you're curious about being an employee at littleBits, their brand is on full display across review and careers sites.  Their careers page is packed with engaging videos and office photos that provide a great sense of the working environment. A quick Google search shows candidates great reviews, fun social media accounts, happy employees, and plenty of positive information about the work the company is doing. We love the reach across many channels and clear message.

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan is bold and clear: "Entrepreneurial growth; an established company. You can have both." They have a strong sense of self and what working at the company really means to employees, and they communicate this message boldly. In any careers resources for Kaplan, candidates can hear employee testimonials, learn about benefits and perks (which are unique and ingrained in their company values and mission), see where they'd work, and explore flexible working options. All in all, Kaplan knows who they are, and they proudly put that on display!


Virtually meet all the teams and learn more about their efforts for inclusivity, diversity, and employee empowerment. Yext has it all! We love their employer brand because it's comprehensive and super detailed! Candidates can browse through the company's many awards, benefits, learning opportunities, and open positions while getting a great sense of the community and culture.


Pandora provides an all-inclusive careers hub to potential employees with awesome insights into the company and workplace. Interested candidates can browse the company's community service efforts, learn the specific goals the team has to achieve diversity in the workplace, and browse offices all in one place. Their review sites are clear and honest, which is great for the sake of transparency. Plus, we love the level of specificity and communication their brand achieves.

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