The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Convey Cares

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Throughout this series, we've been talking a big game about candidate experience. That's because our employees really do feel strongly about treating candidates well during the hiring process.
ConveyIQ is on a mission to close the communication gaps in the hiring process from start to finish. It's something that hits close to home to many of our employees, as they've transitioned from roles in the talent acquisition space - being recruiters themselves or managing recruiting teams.
With that, we all understand the immense need for a change in the talent acquisition game. It's a candidate-driven market and the candidate voice is louder than ever. That's why we all hopped aboard and stand by ConveyIQ's mission.
We gathered honest feedback from employees at ConveyIQ to learn why the Golden Rule matters, and specifically why our team is on a mission for change! We hope this feedback serves as inspiration and motivation to your recruiting team!

What The Golden Rule Means In A Talent Acquisition Mindset

While your consumers may very well be your candidates and prospective employees (they probably are), their perception of your consumer brand and employer brand are still different. As their perception of your employer brand becomes more and more negative, their perception of and loyalty to your consumer brand can very well change.
Aside from the financial bottom line, recruiting teams and functions thrive with a healthy flow of applicants and the presentation of strong candidates to hiring managers. After all, people are the most important asset to an organization.

How do you define the Golden Rule in a talent acquisition mindset?

"Put yourself in a candidate's shoes. Imagine you're searching for a job."

What does the Golden Rule mean in recruiting? One ConveyIQ team member said, "compassion, transparency, and communication."
"To me, the Golden Rule is treating all candidates with the level of respect and transparency I want if I was an applicant."

"Candidates are gold - pun intended. Candidates are the lifeline to a successful company. The experience starts the second the apply, through their final day of employment. You have one shot at a first impression; that impression is typically based off one email that is sent at the time of apply. Let's change that and communicate how we'd want to be communicated with."

Why does the Golden Rule matter in recruiting?

"It determines your perception in the marketplace. It is a large determinant of company branding and can be a huge factor if you're an organization whose candidates also happen to be your consumers."
"Too many companies are letting candidates fall into a black hole and they are losing out on top talent."

Why Convey Cares

Candidate experience is serious business to our team. We're dedicating ourselves to creating a remarkable hiring experience. Why? It's a little different for everyone. Some of us have worked in recruiting for years with firsthand experience into the problems and challenges at hand. Some are excited by a new technology that is disrupting the HR technology space. Overall, though, we care because we've all been candidates. We know the actions that left us feeling disappointed or frustrated. We also know the actions that excited us and motivated us. That's one commonality we can all get behind, and it's why ConveyIQ cares about the Golden Rule.

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