The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Building an Authentic Hiring Brand

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Hiring the best people and retaining top talent are on the minds of every HR professional and leader out there. The reason? Talent gives a company their competitive advantage.
Business thrives when you have the right people in the right seats focused on common goals.
Employment branding is at the forefront of making this happen. A strong brand attracts the best talent. People want to work for companies that not only appreciate and value their contribution but offer the best work environment and benefits.
It is important to spend time cultivating your brand. Building a package that is genuine and true to your company culture. Authenticity is the recipe for success. A positive employment brand convinces candidates to take your phone call, to go through the interview process, and to accept a job offer.
Do you know what your employment brand says about working for you?
Often perception and reality can be two very different things. You need to know what your employees are saying to ensure it aligns with the brand you are communicating. The entire company must be engaged to talk the talk and walk the walk!
Not sure where to start? Here are 5 steps you can take to build a brand that is authentic, informative, and intriguing:

Identify What You Do Best & Focus There

Apple is a technology pioneer. Philz Coffee nurtures the human spirit through coffee. Facebook promotes connection and belonging among employees and customers. Southwest Airlines does fun-loving customer service. What is most meaningful and makes your company stand out from the competition? Identify what makes you unique and run with it!

Create Consistency In Everything You Do

You can’t just tell people you’re a fun-loving company that does customer service well. You must show them! That fun and service needs to be a normal part of every business interaction. Your communication style and messaging needs to drive it home. Candidates, employees, and customers need to see it and feel it during every touchpoint.

Tell Your Story

Storytelling is powerful. Research shows it is 22 times more memorable than facts alone. A good story can breathe life into your brand and keep people engaged. Make your brand more human by linking it to the faces of those that work there. Create videos, share employee experiences, and give people real insight into a day in the life of your team. Get people excited to learn more!

Embrace Technology

Even if you are not a technology pioneer like Apple, take advantage of your technology. Social media is a great way to engage potential candidates and showcase what you’re all about. There are also great platforms that can assist you in designing an authentic, unique candidate experience. When implemented properly, technology can assist your recruiting team in delivering on your brand promise.

Get Everyone On Board

People trust peer recommendations in every decision they make - even where to work. Use it to your advantage. Get your employees involved. Give them something tangible they can do to assist in spreading the message. Have them submit videos and photos, share their stories, and seek their feedback to boost creativity. For this to work, you must make sure your company culture reflects the brand you are selling. If it does, your employees will be looking for avenues to sing your praises and provide social proof of your amazing brand.

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