Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines in Talent Acquisition, March 9, 2018

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This week we celebrated International Women’s Day with insights from a makeup mogul, learned how to get hired at Microsoft and got a glimpse of the imagery trends for 2018!

Undercover Recruiter

Top Creative Trends to Inspire Recruitment Marketers
This article has great insight from Robyn Lange, the Curator for Shutterstock! She shares the major trends in video, photography, imagery and more for 2018. Recruitment marketers can use this information to better attract candidates and create memorable experiences. Maybe a mermaid is the final touch your recruiting content needs!

Fast Company

I’m Microsoft’s Head Of Talent: Here’s How To Get Hired
Candidates should always shoot for the stars and apply to their dream jobs. If it’s your dream to work for Microsoft, now you have advice straight from their Head of Talent on how to get hired! Chuck Edward shares his tips on everything from social media tactics to his thoughts on rehearsing interview question answers.

The Ladders

Makeup mogul Bobbi Brown’s career advice is so simple, it’s amazing
Whether you’re a makeup fanatic or not, you cannot deny the tenacity and drive of Bobbi Brown. She launched a small lipstick brand with $5,000 of her own money, and now her name is an empire in the beauty industry. Brown’s words of wisdom on career success are truly inspiring!


Talent Pipeline Case Study — Nestlé Purina Reaches an Amazing 43 Percent of Hires
Dr. John Sullivan details the benefits of a talent pipeline strategy and how Nestlé Purina used it to their advantage. With this strategy, Nestlé Purina increased the quality and diversity of its hires. Learn how to implement this type of plan in a few easy steps too!

Something New On The Blog

Follow along on our blog and social media in the coming weeks as we introduce the Golden Rule series! We’ll be discussing everything candidate experience - the candidate black hole, real opinions from candidates on their experiences, how companies are successfully implementing strong processes, why organizations are falling behind and the future trends of candidate experience practices. We’re excited to take this journey with you!
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