How to Calculate Your Cost-per-Hire — and Why You Should

Most recruiters know that talent acquisition can be an expensive process, but do you know exactly how much it’s costing your company? If you’re not already tracking talent analytics, the answer...

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How to Break Up With Your Candidates — Without Closing the Door

We’ve all been there: the candidate break-up call. No matter how smooth and streamlined your interview process, letting candidates know that they won’t be receiving an offer is always tough. But...

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Tactics to Achieving Your Diversity and Inclusion Goals

A very popular rallying cry for diversity and inclusion initiatives that leads the many blog posts on the topic comes from McKinsey, which found that “diverse companies outperform similar...

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Creating An Employee Referral Program? Here Are Some Great Examples To Get You Started

Employee referral programs (ERPs) are the crown jewel of many talent acquisition departments’ recruiting strategy. Selective hiring drives profitability and workplace efficiency, but referral...

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Your Best Hires May Be Closer Than You Think: Implementing a Boomerang Recruitment Strategy

If you’ve ever left a job only to eventually rejoin the same company, you’re not alone. From athletes like LeBron James to CEOs like Steve Jobs and Jack Dorsey, boomerang employees are becoming...

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3 Recruitment Trends You Should Implement This Year

The rise of new technologies and low unemployment have transformed the recruiting landscape in recent years and trends like work flexibility, pay transparency and the use of AI in the hiring...

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Recap: Candidate Experience at ERE San Diego 2019

Last week, hundreds of TA leaders converged in sunny San Diego for the ERE Recruiting Conference. Attendees immersed themselves in two days of non-stop networking and sessions from great speakers...

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The Next Big Tech Breakthrough? Your People

Today, you’re looking to fill jobs. Tomorrow--whether you acquire talent for retail, healthcare, banking, or a solar-powered factory making self-driving cars--you will be shaping a workforce.

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5 Things You Can Do To Recruit More Diverse Candidates

There has been a ton of research about the power of diversity in the workplace, but many companies still lack diversity. Diversity helps organizations by elevating company knowledge and creating a...

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How Your Recruitment Strategies Impact Your Company

When it comes to recruitment, we have to make many decisions. Who do we bring in for an interview? Who do we hire? How do we tell people that they aren't moving on to the next step of the hiring...

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What Do You Stand For? Today’s Top Talent Wants to Know

You’ve heard it before: candidates are consumers, and recruiters need to think more like marketers. But a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report bumped this notion up from ‘good idea’ to...

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What Job Recruiters Can Learn From The University Recruiting System

When you think of a well-oiled recruiting machine, you may think about a college campus. Colleges need to fill thousands of seats in their upcoming freshman classes, and they have developed many...

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