Evaluating Interns: When To Extend A Full-Time Offer

You’ve put a ton of time and energy into your internship program, and now its time to start evaluating interns before they wrap up their time at your company. It's also time to pick out the top...

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Top Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers

A good customer service interview candidate shows excellent communication, problem-solving, and people skills. Though exact questions will vary by company, employers want to know that their customer...

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The Real Reason Why GPA Matters In Campus Recruiting

I frequently need to screen resumes and lead digital interviews for my company. The majority of the candidates I meet are entry-level, and almost all have spent less time in the workforce than they...

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5 Best Interview Questions And Answers To Spot Top Talent

The best interview questions allow candidates to show how their experience prepares them for the job at hand, and should focus on evaluating ambition, productivity, skill set and potential culture...

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Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Job Description ‘Nice To Haves’

There’s an art to writing an engaging job description that accurately outlines a specific position and attracts the right types of candidates. It’s a form of employer branding that most recruiters...

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The Resume Avalanche: A Slippery Slope For Recruiters

The Resume Avalanche

One of the most common, if not the most common, problem recruiting teams say keeps them from success is associated with application flow.

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How To Write A Job Description: 4 Tips For Employer Brand

Writing a great job description can be difficult. But if you get in the habit of following a few simple steps, you can ensure your position gets found online and boost your employer brand.

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Why Millennials Don’t Like Your Campus Recruiting Process, Part 2

If you missed part one of this post, check it out here. The post focused on some of the wasteful tactics that a lot of campus teams employ, and offers an alternative for your talent attraction budget.

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Why Millennials Don’t Like Your Campus Recruiting Process, Part 1

Issues with campus recruiting. Where do I start?

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Google For Jobs: Everything You Need To Know

UPDATE: On the heels of the release of Google for Jobs, the search engine giant is diving deeper into the recruitment industry with the release of “Hire” an all-new platform geared towards small to...

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Why No Job Seekers Watch Your Culture Video

So, no one watches your culture video.

If you film it, they will come, right?

Recruiting teams have gotten wise to how powerful employer brand can be when trying to attract applications. But just...

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Identifying Bias In Group Interviews And Consensus Hiring

So, your hiring team is deciding whether to offer a job to a candidate.

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