Digital Interviews Are Changing Recruiting, But Are You Doing Them Right?

The recent rise in digital interviews is changing the recruiting landscape and helping to boost hiring efficiency in the process. In fact, a survey of 506 companies showed that 47% use video...

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3 Questions to Ask When Assessing Culture Fit

Culture has become a major HR buzzword in recent years, and for good reason. According to new research, it can make or break your company’s dynamic — and ultimately your bottom line. In fact, a...

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Candidates' Biggest Woes—and What You Can Do About Them

From being ghosted by employers to having to customize a resume for every job, a recent CareerBuilder survey shows the biggest woes job seekers are facing. The top complaints? Nearly half of...

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The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Convey Cares

Throughout this series, we've been talking a big game about candidate experience. That's because our employees really do feel strongly about treating candidates well during the hiring process....

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What Hiring Teams Need to Know Right Now About AI

By Special Contributor (MightyRecruiter)   Self-driving cars, virtual personal assistants, self-adjusting thermostats – they’re all concrete examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) has already...

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The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Look Out Recruiters, Your Role is About to Change… Again

Over the last decade, the role of a recruiter has changed dramatically. Pushing paper applications around is a thing of the past. Human Resources has stepped up as a business partner and earned their...

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The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Building The Ultimate Interview Guide

The candidate experience is all about how individuals are treated during the hiring process. Candidates formulate a lot of opinions about organizations during interviews, but most importantly, in the...

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The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Lost In Translation Part 2

The interview process is no longer just about a candidate selling themselves. With more competition and new roles created every day, you need to sell the candidate on your company as much as they...

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The Golden Rule of Recruiting: A Small School District With Big Recruiting Goals

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is a top educational district in the Bay Area, CA. The district is focused on high academic achievement while serving the whole child, eliminating inequity, and...

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The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Employer Brands We Love & Why

Employer branding is tricky for a lot of companies to establish, develop, and maintain. It's important to emphasize, though, because it has a huge impact on the candidate experience and applicant...

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The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Are you losing out by lacking a strong employer brand strategy?

Having a strong employer brand is an essential part of your organization’s strategy but can often be overlooked. LinkedIn recently published a survey on employer branding for small-to-medium sized...

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How Hiring Teams Can Spot a Potential Job Hopper in an Interview

What’s the only thing more disappointing for a hiring leader than losing brilliant talent that’s been loyal to the company for a lifetime? Losing an employee who joined so recently, you haven’t even...

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