Intern Recruiting 101: Building a Successful Internship Program

With fall semester in full swing, companies around the country are getting ready to welcome a new group of interns. And since internships are becoming more and more popular each year, interns are...

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How 6 Top Marketing Firms Use Career Fairs For Intern Recruiting

On Aug. 7, 2017 hundreds of eager new grads and soon-to-be grads gathered in Midtown Manhattan to attend “The Face of Talent,” 4a’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program career fair with the...

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Intern Interviews: Top 22 Questions For Internship Hiring

Intern interviews can be a challenging task. Even if you have a lot of experience hiring full-time employees, internship hiring can bring its own set of challenges. It’s important to ask the right...

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The Importance Of Managing Internship Programs Right

What happens when a manager leaves mid-internship? Not a lot, if there’s no one to replace them. 

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Internship Program Benefits For Employers: Why They Work

From time to time, it’s useful to remind yourself why you do things that can be painful — things like laundry, going to the gym, and paying taxes.

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Evaluating Interns: When To Extend A Full-Time Offer

You’ve put a ton of time and energy into your internship program, and now its time to start evaluating interns before they wrap up their time at your company. It's also time to pick out the top...

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7 Reasons To Use Digital Interviewing For Intern Recruiting

How can you sort through resumes and cover letters during your intern recruiting process? The answer is simple: use digital interviewing.

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Managing Summer Interns? Don’t Make This Mistake

It’s a warm day in June, and there’s a buzz circulating around the office: “the summer interns are coming.” A few months before, hiring managers across the office hired these current students with...

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