Strategies to Beat Out The Competition with Killer Employer Brand Positioning

Isn't it thrilling when a brand clicks into place with a target audience? Look at Wendy’s and Gen Z traipsing across social media hand in hand all while getting press hits regularly for burger...

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Candidate Ghosting: Why It’s Happening and Proven Ways to Stop It

While the term ghosting is synonymous with online dating nowadays, it’s unfortunately becoming a more and more recognized - and costly - phenomenon in recruiting. You’ve been through the whole...

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Want to build a great candidate experience? Listen, and learn.

Great minds love good challenges. But with the tightest job market in 50 years, even top industry leaders in talent acquisition can use a little help. Last Thursday evening they gathered at NYC’s...

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Talent Acquisition Futurism: What is the Role of a Recruiter in 2025?

A few years ago, upon examining the myriad of tasks that members of talent acquisition teams were asked to perform, it became apparent that there was going to be a recruiting revolution, or...

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The Next Big Tech Breakthrough? Your People

Today, you’re looking to fill jobs. Tomorrow--whether you acquire talent for retail, healthcare, banking, or a solar-powered factory making self-driving cars--you will be shaping a workforce.

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What Do You Stand For? Today’s Top Talent Wants to Know

You’ve heard it before: candidates are consumers, and recruiters need to think more like marketers. But a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report bumped this notion up from ‘good idea’ to...

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How To Convince Your Team That The Candidate Experience Matters

Communicating the importance of the candidate experience can prove to be somewhat tricky. Your team may be doing all that they can to hire as quickly as possible, but the candidates don't...

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How To Showcase Your Brand Values During The Applicant Journey

If you want to attract the best talent, they need to align with your company. The problem is, when you are getting started, it can be hard to determine what that alignment looks like. Even if...

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Recruitment Branding Matters and Attracts Top Candidates

Your recruitment brand is as valuable as your company brand. With a majority of talent reviewing a company’s online profile before they even consider submitting an application, protecting and...

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5 Employer Review Sites You’re Missing Out On

“Heard it through the grapevine…”

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Hiring Millennials? Start With The Right Job Description

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s a fact that Millennials are taking over the workforce.

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7 Struggles Companies Face Attracting Quality Talent

Guest Post by Michael Klazema

The goal of every hiring process is to hire the best talent for the job. But what happens if the best people aren’t applying in the first place?

Many businesses...

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