Snapchat, McDonald’s And A Case For Recruitment Marketing

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

McDonald’s is integrating Snapchat into their recruitment marketing strategy — and they’re lovin’ it.

The fast food giant is planning to hire 250,000 new employees this summer, and are relying on the popular social media app to attract millennials who may be interested.

Full disclosure: As both a millennial and a marketer, I’m big fan of the Snapchat craze. I’ve been fascinated by the way companies have been embracing the tool for promotions since the app launched, and I just get plain giddy when I see it done right. It’s fun, it’s creative and can be a great way to attract customers — or in this case, candidates.

Let’s take a look at how Mickey D’s is getting it done, and how other hiring teams can do it too:

A Tall Order, In 10 Seconds Or Less

McDonald’s will be dishing out a series of 10-second video ad testimonials showcasing what it’s like to work at the company. Viewers can then swipe to a prompt leading them to the McDonald’s career site to learn more and apply for a position.

Our Insights

Snapchat is a breeding ground for opportunity when it comes to recruitment marketing, especially when it comes to attracting millennial workers, who are the first demographic to really embrace the app. According to CNBC, nearly half of McDonald’s employee population is made up of workers ages 16 to 24, so for them to target a medium whose users fall into the same demographic seems like a natural move for their recruitment marketing strategy.

What Are Snapchat Ads, Anyway?

There are several ways to advertise on Snapchat:

Snap Ads

These are 10-second videos that appear as users browse through a series of Snap “stories,” or a series of photos attached to a certain Snapchat profile. These ads typically prompt users to “swipe up” to link out to external pages. It’s one of the more cost-effective options, and places ads right into a user’s feed.

Sponsored Filters

Companies can purchase customized filters with their own branding. These filters can be geo-targeted to a certain place (think a brick and mortar location) or applied nationwide to attract a larger audience. There’s also a third “Snap to Unlock” strategy, where companies provide a code to allow users to unlock different filters by taking a photo.

Snapchat Discover

This tactic places your company’s Snap story front and center on Snapchat’s “Discover” page. According to Wallaroom Media, it’s pretty expensive — so it’s typically used by larger brands who have the bandwidth (and budget.)

Making It Work For You

In today’s world, using social media to interact with candidates is becoming a necessity for establishing a strong employer brand and attracting top talent. It’s one thing to have a fantastic careers page, or a series of strong culture videos. But what’s the point if no one sees them?

Whether you’re using Snapchat or any other social media site, looking to expand recruitment marketing tactics, turning to video promotion may be one one of the best moves yet. Videos typically yield higher engagement rates on social media than traditional text posts — so plugging your spots in the right spaces can make a big difference.

But before you invest more time (and dollars) into video promotion, here's a few things to consider:

What’s Your Message?

Define what type of story you want to tell. Do you want to explain what your product does? Define your core values? Showcase your awesome office space? You only get 10 seconds on Snapchat, so the more focused the better.

Where Are Your Candidates Watching?

Consider what types of sites your ideal candidates may be using and where your videos will have the most impact.

What Are You Willing To Spend?

This requires the help of your upper management. Sit with your leaders to determine the right budget to fit your needs.

Good recruitment marketing requires a solid strategy, and teamwork from every level of management. But a little effort can go a long way, and can help build your talent pipeline later on.

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