The Resume Avalanche: A Slippery Slope For Recruiters

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

The Resume Avalanche

One of the most common, if not the most common, problem recruiting teams say keeps them from success is associated with application flow.

Some companies feel they receive too many applications to screen. But more frequently, recruiting teams say they’re traveling down a “dead-end road –” a space where candidates never come across the company’s careers page and recruiters are forced to constantly interview people with weak applications to even have a chance at hitting their hiring goals.

No matter where you think you fall, application flow is undoubtedly top-of-mind when you’re gauging the performance of your team. Funnel metrics, like applications-per-hire and time-to-hire, are so prevalent that they often become a goal in themselves — especially if you have someone on your team focusing on employer branding.

To some, this may seem like the natural move. After all, who cares about that amazing interview guide you designed if no one applies in the first place?

But actually, applications are snowballing

Unfortunately, this mindset misses the forest for the trees. Application volume continues to rise as technologies make it easier and easier to apply. Even if you’re not personally thrilled with your application flow, it’s only going to increase as more job seekers search for roles online.

A majority of candidates have also adopted a self-protective mindset when it comes to finding a new role. As in, they’re not expecting to hear back from you in the first place. This could be because they believe recruiters are too busy to respond to anyone other than qualified candidates, or, the company just isn’t communicating at all.

Can you blame them for casting a wide net under those circumstances?

As companies and ATS providers restructure their career portals to make mobile applications more accessible, it will provide another way to attain precious, sustainable résumés that will help hit your recruiting goals.

How Can You Break The Habit?

At this point, attracting résumés isn’t the big problem the recruiting world needs to solve. We’ve already done a really good job of it, and case studies and consultants alike will tell you to “focus on a great employer brand!”

There’s a lot more to be done when we turn our attention back to doing the little things right. And that starts with your recruiting team weaning themselves off of their addiction to résumés.

The next time someone on your team says they can’t hit their hiring targets because they don’t receive enough résumés, ask them if they’ve communicated with every candidate who’s applied in the last six months.

What do you think the answer will be?

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