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Forgotten On Summer Friday: A Tale Of Recruiter Phone Tag

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“So I get a call from a recruiter on Friday morning about a screening interview. I called them back and left a voicemail that afternoon — no response. Come Monday, I still haven’t heard anything from them either. Should I send an email? I don’t know what to do.”

This was shared this week by a friend who’s deep in the job hunt.

My immediate response?

“Who knows, maybe they have Summer Fridays and forgot.”

Ah, Summer Friday — the coveted time of year where businesses let their employees out a few hours early to enjoy a long weekend. According to a recent CEB survey, more companies are embracing the practice this year than ever, with 42 percent of companies surveyed saying they were letting their employees take time off.

There’s no harm in taking some well-deserved time to enjoy the season, especially when working in talent acquisition. Recruiting is a tough job, and a break from long hours wading through resumes is certainly well-deserved.

But it’s also important to realize that life still goes on while you’re off the clock, and not following up with candidates come Monday morning can leave you missing out on great talent. A majority of job seekers already think they’re never going to hear from you. If you’ve already started the screening process with a particular candidate, not following up only sets you back, and gives competitors a leg up.

Back to my friend. Who knows, maybe Summer Friday had nothing to do with why they didn’t get a follow-up. But the game of so-called “recruiter phone tag” doesn’t only happen during the summer. It’s a cat-and-mouse game that can add weeks to the time-to-hire process as candidates and recruiters bounce back and forth to schedule interviews.

How can recruiters better organize? Here are some insights from what we do with Convey for Interviewing:

Let’s look at my friend’s scenario. If this recruiter sent an invitation for them to complete a digital interview by the end of the weekend, three things would have happened:

The Bottom Line

We work with top recruiting leaders every day to help keep their screening interviews organized and help companies make better hires, faster. We’ve also seen our clients speed up their screening processes and drop time-to-hire rates, too.

And with productivity like that, throwing in some much-needed vacation time is no sweat.

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