Entry-Level Interview Questions

Entry-Level Interview Questions: How To Spot Top Talent

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How can you spot top talent in an entry-level interview? Be sure to assess the following skills as you put together your hiring plan ahead of the next campus recruiting season:


Asking questions that force candidates to communicate effectively will help you learn more about a candidate’s ability to think on their feet. Consider these sample interview questions:

Time Management

Some college students develop superior study and work habits during school. See what to expect from an entry-level candidate by asking:

Problem Solving

Candidates will need to prove their ability to think logically through a problem or issue regardless of what job they’re applying for. Consider sample questions like:


It’s important to ask entry-level interview candidates what real-world experience they already have. Many of these candidates will have completed internships or part-time jobs that make up the basis of their real-world experience. See that they’ve taken away key professional skills by asking questions like:


An appropriate response will show that the candidate has thought out their career plans. Listen closely to see if their career goals match up with what your company has to offer — thinking in the long-term is key to reducing turnover. Consider questions like these:

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