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Weekly Roundup: Top Headlines In Talent Acquisition, Aug. 18, 2017

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Welcome to another ConveyIQ Weekly Roundup! This week, we’re focusing on how some of the top companies are creating awesome candidate experiences during the interview process, and best practices for keeping employees engaged and excited about the workplace after they’re hired. Enjoy!

Glassdoor Best Places To Interview 2017 Candidate’s Choice

Job seekers have spoken. This week, Glassdoor released their 2017 list of the top companies candidates say provide the best interview experience. The annual list is compiled based on anonymous job seeker feedback as well as interview reviews submitted to the employer review giant.

In case you haven’t seen the full just yet, here’s a quick glimpse at the top 10 companies topping the chart this year:

The Top 10 Companies For Millennials Who Want Flexible Jobs

Before the interview process even begins, it’s important to understand what your ideal candidate wants when it comes to office perks and benefits. According to a new FlexJobs survey, more than 80 percent of Millennials weigh work-life balance and flexibility when considering job opportunities. In fact, work-life balance is so important that it sometimes outweighs other more commonly upheld benefits, like health care.

According to FlexJobs, here are the top five companies that offer the flexibility Millennials crave:

When Hiring For Attitude, Catch ‘Attitude Fraud –‘ Because Candidates Fake It

Part of creating a positive workplace environment is hiring employees that believe in your organization’s mission and will work to create a proactive company culture. As we’ve written about before, recruiting for cultural fit require some nuance — and it can be difficult to sort out the bad apples from the good seeds.

In this piece, Dr. John Sullivan warns of “attitude fraud,” or “when candidates with an undesirable attitude purposely deceive and act as if they have a great one to get hired.”These interviewees can be particularly deceptive, and if a bad attitude isn’t spotted early, it could lead to a toxic workplace environment later on down the line. Click on the link above for some tips on how recruiters can identify red flags before it’s too late.

Having Work Friends Can Be Tricky, But It’s Worth It

Even if your office fosters a collaborative atmosphere, crossing the line between colleagues and actual friendship can be difficult to do in the workplace. However, it does have it benefits. According to Harvard Business Review, research suggests workers who do have a “best friend” in the office are up to seven times as likely to be more productive at work, but only 12 percent of American workers say they have a close friend in the office. This article explores the challenges employees face when forging real bonds with their co-workers, and how companies can help encourage camaraderie.

4 Ways PepsiCo’s CEO Energizes (And Retains) Her Employees

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is changing the way employee engage and flourish in the workplace. How does she do it? For Nooyi, it’s about allowing employees to “bring their whole selves to work” by fostering active involvement in company decisions, integrating social purpose, and acknowledging achievement in creative and personal ways. This article from LinkedIn dives deeper into Nooyi’s winning philosophy, and why it works.

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