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How To Make Your Candidate Experience A Day At The Beach

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Summer is upon us, and you know what that means — time for sunshine, short sleeves, and days spent lounging on the beach.

While the thought of ditching your cubicle, donning your sandals and sprinting toward the sandy shores may have you longing for those final summer Fridays, why not bring that sunny disposition into your hiring process?

We’ve put together five ways you can bring the warmth of the season to your candidate experience:


Put Some “Sun” In Your Screen

As we’ve written about before, scouting top talent during the screening process isn’t always easy, and as an influx of new college graduates enter the job market, it’s all too common for recruiters to get lost in a tsunami of incoming resumes. According to CareerArc, 65 percent of job seekers say they never receive any notice about the status of their application. Keeping in touch with candidates and establishing ongoing engagement will help kick up your pipeline at the get-go.


Give Them A Taste Of What’s Cookin’

Don’t be afraid to showcase what’s on your plate when it comes to company culture. Around 60 percent of candidates do their research and prepare their resume before even submitting their application. By anticipating where ideal candidates do their homework, engaging with them on social media, and advertising your company values through culture videos and detailed career pages, you can ensure they’ll stay for dinner.


Keep An Eye On Top Talent – Even If Tides Change

So say you find a great candidate, but for some reason, they don’t quite make it to the final stage of the hiring process. While the tide may be out on this particular opportunity, that doesn’t mean they won’t be qualified for another position down the line. Job seekers who have had a positive candidate experience are more likely to apply again in the future. Keep top talent in the loop by sending regular company newsletters to keep them interested and engaged in future opportunities.


Don’t Give Them A Burn

Just like those nasty summer sunburns, a negative candidate experience can leave job seekers seeing red. According to CareerArc, job seekers that do not hear back from a company on their application are 3.5 times more likely to not re-apply for a job at that organization, and more than 70 percent will share their bad experiences with their peers.


Leave Them With Warm Memories

A positive candidate experience lasts long after the interview is over, so make sure you leave job applicants with a warm feeling they’ll look back on. After all, if a competitor is nothing but cold, where will their thoughts go? To your company’s summer-y disposition.

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