Baseball Talent Acquisition Tips

5 Things Baseball Can Teach Us About Talent Acquisition

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The art of talent acquisition is a lot like playing in the major leagues.

You need to assemble a strong and dedicated team of recruiters to field top candidates from the first pitch to home plate — while making sure you don’t strike out in the process.

There’s a lot that can be learned from our national pastime, so we took some of our favorite quotes from the field and applied them to our other favorite sport: talent acquisition.

“Keep your eye on the ball.”

Paying attention to top talent from the first pitch will tee them up for a positive candidate experience and help you score big when it comes to retention in your recruiting pipeline.

As we’ve said before, top candidates are more likely to research your company before they even apply. Anticipate their expectations with crafted job descriptions, an accessible careers page, and a good social presence.

“You have to hit the fastball to play in the big leagues.” – Ted Williams

So you’ve got your eye on the ball and got your top talent through the door. To really knock your candidate experience out of the park, it’s important to nurture talent throughout the hiring process. A good candidate is harder to catch, so stay engaged and be sure to follow up every step of the way.

“The game isn’t over until it’s over.” – Yogi Berra

Don’t leave candidates in the dark if you know the lights are out on a particular opportunity. Following up with job seekers and providing feedback even if they didn’t get the job encourages applicants to reapply for other opportunities, and won’t leave a bad taste in their mouth about your brand.

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” – Babe Ruth

Recruitment is very much a team sport — without a seamless workflow and open communication between recruiters and hiring managers, great candidates can fall through the cracks.

“There’s no crying in….hiring!”

We couldn’t finish this list without giving a nod to the Tom Hanks baseball classic “A League of their Own.” Turns out, the iconic “there’s no crying in baseball,” mantra also serves as some great advice for hiring. As a recruiter, you’re constantly making tough decisions, and let’s face it — the process can be stressful. But before you throw in the towel — just remember the reward that comes with a little extra hard work.

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