Practical Tips for Your Virtual Workspace That Won't Break The Bank

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As workers are forced to work from home, many are having to get used to video calls for the first time. We caught up with industry alum and work from home aficionado, Craig Fisher, to get some of his recommendations on a good setup for your video interviews.

It looks like we're going to be doing this for a while so I wanted to let you know what my setup is for a video so that you can replicate it in your own home office. I've got a few things that I use in my video studio that are simple to buy, not expensive and make your video really pop and look great — whenever you have to be camera ready, for whatever audience.

Note: I'm not endorsing any specific products, other than to say that they work well for me, and I'm going to tell you where to find them and how to buy them.

The first major thing that you want to do is get some really good lighting. Lighting is the key and it makes 100% of the difference. I have two big studio lights behind my camera that I have plugged into a surge protector under my desk and I can literally flip a switch with my foot to turn them on to be ready to go. I also turn the overhead light off so I only have these bright lights, focused on me. You can purchase a light kit like I use on Amazon just by searching Softbox Light Kit.

Another option is to use a light bar. I use a light bar by Bell and Howell. I actually use two of them one on either side, behind the camera. You can find light bars on Amazon for about $20. (Another popular option is the ring light, and you can find those just by searching ring light or light ring on Amazon.) 

The next thing you want is a really good microphone. I personally use a Blue Yeti as it has various settings that can capture the whole room, just the front of the mic, or just the front and the back, for example. It's a great microphone and it really makes you sound professional when you're on with a customer or member of your team. You can search amazon for Yeti USB microphone to find this one. Another option would be a USB clip microphone for about $20.

Finally, it really helps to have a good HD camera attached to your laptop or desktop computer. I use a Logitech HD camera. You can easily find it on Amazon by searching for Logitech pro webcam.

Everything I got for my home office Video Studio I ordered on Amazon, was easy to set up and connect. I hope you find this helpful over the next few months, so that you can look like a rock star in your team meetings and with your customers remotely. Stay safe!

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