4 Reasons Why Phone Screening Interviews Are Outdated

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Phone screening interviews are kind of outdated.

With most phone interviews, you can tell within the first few minutes of interacting with a candidate if they’re a fit for your company. That can be great if you get the perfect candidate on the phone right away. But in most cases, it’s trial and error until you identify the right match to send along to the next round. Not to mention all the time spent scheduling interviews in the first place.

Case and point: it’s a lot of time wasted that could be spent on sourcing, building your pipeline, or filling other open roles.

Here's our breakdown on why you need to ditch those phone screenings, fast:

They’re Inefficient

Phone screens typically take 30 minutes per candidate and can last as long as an hour and a half. If you were to screen 10 candidates for a position, you could spend over five hours on the phone a day.

They’re Not Collaborative

Most of the time, a phone screening is just a conversation between one hiring manager or recruiter and the candidate. This only gives one person a chance to make a decision on which candidates to move to the next round of interviewing.

They’re Not Consistent

Phone screens can be easily influenced by external factors. They often take place during different times and over many days. The interviewer could end up unintentionally favoring candidates based on the order in which they conduct the interview or the time of day they speak to the candidate.

They’re Difficult To Schedule

Scheduling phone interviews with candidates can be difficult and take multiple attempts. This administrative work can lengthen the hiring cycle. It could also prevent you from speaking with the best candidates before they find other job opportunities.

Convey for Interviewing lets you ask candidates your most important questions through On-Demand digital interviews they can take on their own time. These interviews can be reviewed in five minutes or less, shared with your colleagues, and allow the best candidates to stand out much earlier in the interview cycle.

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