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Recruiting & Candidate Experience

What Keeps TA Leaders Up at Night

There are so many challenges that Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders are confronted with every day that it’s a real parlor trick to pin point the most compelling. If the pressure comes from the...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

ConveyIQ Closes $5.5 Million Financing to Fuel Rapid Growth of Talent Communications, Industry Veteran Larry Murff Joins as COO

ConveyIQ, the leading provider of enterprise Talent Communication and recruiting automation software, today announced it has closed $5.5 million in funding led by SC Ventures, with participation...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Why a Communication Breakdown Can Increase Feelings of Rejection

We have all experienced a communication breakdown. Whether that be with a vendor who promises more than they can deliver, a company that simply fails to communicate accurate information or even...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Email vs. Texting: How to Choose Which to Use in the Recruiting Process

By MightyRecruiter

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Houston, Do We Have a Communication Problem?

The disconnect between the applicant journey and how companies approach real-time communication with their prospective employees is Grand Canyon wide. Companies who think that their applicant...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

What We Have Here, is a Failure to Communicate!

Common wisdom tells us that life is filled with stressful events. Some of these events are related to things we can’t control—traffic, the weather, sports—while others are well-accepted stress...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Communicate with Applicants – Early and Often!

As most Talent Acquisition analysts will tell you, the biggest cost of recruiting is attracting career consumers to apply for their openings. Billions of dollars are spent each year on this...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

What Your Applicants are Missing?

As a hard charging challenge junky, you’re totally focused on growing your career by taking on ever greater responsibilities. In your current role, you’re well thought of by your peers and your...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

An Interview with DK Bartley: How to Build Impactful Diversity & Inclusion Programs

An Interview between Danielle Weinblatt, CEO of ConveyIQ and DK Bartley, VP, Head of Talent Acquisition, Dentsu Aegis Network

When I was asked to write about a company that is doing Talent...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Convey Cares

Throughout this series, we've been talking a big game about candidate experience. That's because our employees really do feel strongly about treating candidates well during the hiring process....

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

What Hiring Teams Need to Know Right Now About AI

By Special Contributor (MightyRecruiter)   Self-driving cars, virtual personal assistants, self-adjusting thermostats – they’re all concrete examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) has...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Look Out Recruiters, Your Role is About to Change… Again

Over the last decade, the role of a recruiter has changed dramatically. Pushing paper applications around is a thing of the past. Human Resources has stepped up as a business partner and earned...

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