NBC Universal and Buzzfeed Find the Right Talent Fast with ConveyIQ

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Both NBC Universal and Buzzfeed run large scale campus recruiting initiatives to staff their robust internship programs. Because of their brand recognition, these initiatives receive a tremendous response. For its high-volume and tight turnaround video production schedule, Buzzfeed also has an ongoing need to find highly qualified temporary talent--including videographers, designers, editors, photographers, and other creative freelancers--nimbly, and at scale.    


The Challenge:

  • Separate out candidates of exceptional quality with specialized skills from a high quantity of applicants
  • Staff large numbers of positions quickly
  • Widen the net to give students (and other applicants) of diverse backgrounds ‘a fair shake’
  • Involve hiring managers in the screening process efficiently and seamlessly
  • Connect smoothly and quickly with their ATS

The Numbers:

ConveyIQ enables NBC to:

  • Staff three annual internship cohorts -- spring, summer, and fall -- with highly specialized reqs
  • Fairly and equitably vet up to 40,000 applicants per 700-position cohort  
  • Achieve a 79% response rate on video interviews

ConveyIQ allows Buzzfeed to:

  • Achieve an 84% response rate on video interviews
  • Screen 11,000 applicants over the course of one month

The Impact:

ConveyIQ gives NBC’s Manager of Campus Recruitment Michael Walsh and his team the ability to screen a huge volume of applicants for specific roles quickly and fairly. To staff NBC’s large-scale and highly-skilled intern program, Walsh and his team must hire approximately 40,000 candidates for each 700-person cohort three times per year. Through the ConveyIQ platform, they work closely with hiring managers to develop very specific sets of questions that drill down into specialties (such as production, graphic design, and engineering). Convey’s high-performance and on-demand digital interviewing keeps the hiring process fast and questions consistent to level the playing field and enable scale.  It also allows for seamless internal collaboration, quickly and easily capturing each candidate’s information and digital interview in the ATS, and enabling easy sharing with hiring managers throughout the screening and hiring process.

We are fortunate to have a well-known brand, but that leads to volume. Finding the right candidates within all of those numbers was our big challenge,” explained Walsh. “ConveyIQ solved this and more--giving us the opportunity to cast an even wider net to give everyone a fair shake, as well as making it easy to share digital interviews with hiring managers.”

Dan Geiger, Manager of Recruiting Operations for Buzzfeed, oversees the staffing for the popular publisher’s intern program.  Like Walsh, Geiger needed to staff a large number of internship positions in a short time. With the help of Convey’s on-demand digital interviewing, he and his team successfully reviewed 11,000 applications and staffed the summer program over the course of one month.
After such a successful run with the campus program, Geiger decided to use Convey to staff shorter term creative positions--such as one week to four-month editing positions.  

ConveyIQ has really helped us to optimize our time, and changed how we recruit,” stated Geiger. “We wanted to make the process easy and frictionless for candidates--and whether we are using Convey for our internship program or other short term hires, the software enables us to do just that.”

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